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    Are you going to go for it? I really wanted this to work last time and was gutted when it didn’t.

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    Probably. I was really enthusiastic until I actually tried using them – flaky as hell, about as reliable as the National Grid in Lagos, Nigeria!

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    Following on from this thread: http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/wireless-sensor-tags

    With these babies:

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/dJsgiB]New Toys – Wireless Sensor Tags[/url] by brf, on Flickr

    The up shot was that nice idea, crap implementation, they were completely unreliable..

    However, I just got this email from the makers:

    We know that you had a lot of trouble getting a reliable operation out of our first generation Wireless Sensor Tags you bought in 2012 – early 2013.
    Thanks to your feedback we now have a completely rewritten, much more reliable system.

    Just check out Product Reviews at SmartHome for reviews from customers who bought our new system, which Smart Home started to carry in Oct. 2013.

    We are so confident that once you give us another try you will be hooked, that we are offering you a single use coupon to receive the new Tag Manager (hub) below our cost: Add this to cart and check-out using this coupon code “XXX” to receive it for $29 + shipping.
    8 Reasons to Try the New Version

    Tag manager will stay connected: Unlike 2012 version tag manager, the new tag manager will always recover from Internet and power outage and stay connected for months without any human intervention. We know this because we monitor the number of tag managers currently online, and it keeps increasing by the same number we ship every week. The tag manager firmware (rev=7) is so stable now, we never had to update it since September 2013.

    Much better battery life and 2x WiFi range gauranteed: We have completely swapped the radio in both Tag Manager and Tags with the latest built for Wireless M-bus standard that has much better sensitivity, frequency stability and higher transmit power up to FCC limit. This means the tags will work extremely well anywhere in your house, no matter if it is inside a metal fridge, behind a metal door, or inside mail box in your front yard. The new radio IC also drastically improved tags’ battery life thanks to its super low stand-by power achieved by a revolutionary command polling feature: More details.

    No more false too cold/hot or low battery notifications:We have identified the cause for glithes in temperature and battery voltage readings, which was due to occasional glitch in the voltage reference used by the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). We now have an algorithm to filter out this glitch to eliminate these false notifications.

    Available pre-calibrated high accuracy temperature + air humidity sensor option: We have a released a version of motion sensor tags that use a high-end 13-bit digital temperature / humidity sensor. This eliminates the need to use the ADC in the first place, and provides accurate (max error 0.4 degC), 0.02 degC resolution temperature and air humidity data-logging/very reliable too hot/cold/humid/dry notifications, without need of any calibration. At demo 0:45 notice the difference between data captured by 13-bit variant (red) and by regular motion sensor tag with 8-bit temperature sensor (dark blue).

    No more false out of range notifications: Working with several of our customers, we have eliminated all server bugs that caused false out of range and inaccurate back-in-range notifications. Combined with much improved tag manager stability and reliability thanks to the new radio IC, you can completely rely on the out of range / back-in-range notfication now.

    No more false motion notifications:We now always buy our 3D digital compass from reputable USA distributors at 2~3x the cost of Chinese distributors. This seems to have dramatically reduced the faulty operation of the angle based motion sensor. The digital compass may still receive intereference from nearby electronics such as a laptop, so we will be releasing a contact based door/window sensor (Reed KumoSensor) in June 2014.

    Email and push notification will now always work: We have a new back-end to send push notification through Google and Apple’s gateway, without reconnecting per each message hence allowing us to efficiently send large amount of push notification with much less latency. Instead of Gmail we are now using a paid email gateway to send out notification emails reliably without quota limitation.

    Much faster load time/smooth zoom/panning for temperature/event stats graph: We have upgraded our server to use SSD, and optimized the database index structure and result caching to offer you much shorter stats graph load time. We have released the Wireless Tag List 2.0 iOS app which includes native plotting feature to allow zooming in to see each single raw data-point or zooming-out to see highs/lows per day, over months of captured data range, and multiple sensors tags on the same screen (video demo)

    Since you bought our first version, you must have agreed that Wireless Sensor Tag: “Monitor Everything from the Internet” is a good concept, it is just that its implementation has not been easy, especially without a lot of resources spent on reliability testing. Consider yourself paid full price to beta test for us before, and now we finally offer you the finished product at lower than our cost, or what a beta version should have cost you in 2012.

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