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  • Wireless round the neck noise cancelling earbuds
  • shredder
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    On the back of the other thread.

    Looking for wireless but with round the neck cord ?

    Noise cancelling.


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    I could be talking out of my bum, but noise cancelling normally means high end, which tends to mean no neck cord, so not sure there will be loads of options.

    If you can drop noise cancelling (which I would suggest you probably can with in-ear), then I have been very pleased with my Beats X. They have recently been replaced by the Beats Flex which seem to be exactly the same – apart from the price which has gone from £130 to £50! (Though now I look there are plenty of bargains on new Beats X on eBay).

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    Been really impressed by my Beats Flex. Snug fit, three different size buds supplied. Not noise cancelling but block out normal external noises really well. Have to remove if someone is talking to you even at low volume levels. Good battery life as well.

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    I snapped up a pair of Beats X in the curry’s sale for £30. There’s a reason they were so cheap, cos they’re a bit crap IMO.

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    There’s passive NC and active NC, active being like AirPods Pro, passive being In-Ear Monitor canalphones, using well-fitting eartips to block outside noises in the same way as PPE hearing protectors.
    MeeAudio do reasonably priced canalphones, and so do Shure, which have MMCX connections, MeeAudio also do a BT cable to fit any MMCX-type IEM, with a battery on one side, and the remote on the other, costs about £60 or so.
    I keep meaning to get one, for my MeeAudio Pinnacle P1 IEMS, just haven’t got around to it yet.

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