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  • Wireless printers – any real life experiences and recommendations please?
  • Had a Canon Pixma MX350 for a year when I moved out of the country. Good little unit. Quick to print and scan wirelessly

    Bought my mother a bigger Pixma, and even she could get it set up.

    But I use a venerable old Canon wired printer, plugged into an old Mac Mini, set up as a shared printer and as a google cloud printer. It takes an age for it to start printing, but as I have walk upstairs anyway it’s hardly an issue.


    I’ve had HP inkjets until recently and they’ve been OK, apart from creating about six extra background processes on the computer, even when not being used. But my mother’s was damaged in a house move, and I bought her a HP3070 – it was rubbish! Noisy, difficult to set up, and after 3 months it insisted there was a paper jam when after 4 hours cleaning I was quite sure there wasn’t. It went back for repair – and PC World just gave a refund of the original price. Bought a Canon PIXMA MG3150 and it’s been fine.

    Then mother-in-law’s HP stopped working, so she has a PIXMA MG3150 as well, no problems.

    The HP frustrations were increased by a useless support page; the second step you had to do was to print a test page and then use that to decide the next step – not helpful when the problem the page is supposed to be addressing is that it won’t print anything!

    All wireless – as above, the wireless part hasn’t been a problem.


    Epsom stylus office all in one here, got it from Currys for about 60 quid
    iprint app on my devices and it works great
    About two years old but would look at these bearing in mind your last Epsom did ok


    Had a HP wireless inkjet for 7 years, used daily and it still works like new. Really has been one of my most reliable purchases.

    Also got a Samsung wireless colour laser printer, about a year old, this has also been flawless and a lot cheaper to run than the HP inkjet.

    I would recommend looking at the ‘business’ range of printers, as while more expensive up front, they are generally cheaper on consumables (ink/toner) – so work out cheaper in the long run.

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    Johny Panic the photos on my 8500 are really very good. If you know what to look for you can tell they are nor from a photo printer. But yo hvae to know what to look for. Better than most pictures or magazines

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    I recently bought an Epson printer as I wanted a specific wireless printer, it’s a pile of poo, you have to down load apps onto everything to get it to half work. I just wanted a simple wireless printer that linked into the hub and job done like my old Kodak.

    I’d go either HP or Canon if I had to do it again!


    hP something or other here. Work seamlessly out of the box with windows 7 and ubuntu.

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    ampthill – I’ve not tried with mine yet but good to know :-).

    If you’re buying a printer specifically for photos then there are better choices.
    If you’re buying for general printing duties then they’re very good

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    My HP Envy E120 has been great for the 4 months vied owned it with my iPhone, ipad and PC.
    I went of this model as it’s very small – the flip side is it prints a little slower than the bigger versions.

    Printer cartridges work out to be very cost effective and great prices if you have or know anyone with a costco account.

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