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  • Wireless printers – any real life experiences and recommendations please?
  • Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    So … all-in-one printer has broken and needs replacing.

    Wireless seems to be in vogue but, in practice, does it really work?

    Any recommendations for an all-in-one printer, current one is Epson and it lasted nearly 6 years.

    As always, thanks. 🙂


    We have a hp something or other sits in the corner and just works. Never used it with wires.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Thank you parkesie. Presumably it’s in the same room as your laptop/pc?

    Oh, I forgot to apologise for the scintillating subject matter. 😳


    We’ve got a Kodak ESPC315C that sits on a shelf in a spare bedroom, quite a distance from the wireless router, and it works a treat. Much better than faffing around with all those wires and power leads IMO.


    We’ve got a Kodak ESPC315C that sits on a shelf in a spare bedroom, quite a distance from the wireless router, and it works a treat. Much better than faffing around with all those wires and power leads IMO.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    We’ve a Canon Pixma MP990 and can’t fault it.

    Was not the cheapest but does a great photo print.

    Wireless is a doddle. It connects to your router and lives upstairs under the bed. If i need it pull it out, turn it on and its ready. Just press print and *capow!

    Good scanner as well so can convert my old film to digital.

    *it’s the noise I make.

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    HP Officejet 6700 here. Works pretty seamlessly. Different room to the router, but just works really well. It even works from our desktop PC which is hard wired to the router.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Cannon Pixma as above works as advertised


    I’ve got that HP one too I think. Works well.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Really helpful replies, thanks folks. 8)


    We have a kodac, it the biggest piece of shite I’ve ever bought…
    Buy a HP, friends one was detected by the new laptop setup last night, downloaded driver & started working… what more do you need?
    Why did we buy the kodac?

    We have a Canon something or other in the corner. Was dead cheap, fiftyquidish, the quality isn’t great but for printing out emails, e-tickets & stuff straight from our phones or iPads without moving off the sofa it’s bang on. Don’t have to be in the same room either, we keep it tucked away in the spare room.


    Usually the same room but sometimes ill print stuff from the garage aswell.

    Premier Icon bruk

    Have Hp office 6700. Prints well when you can connect it. Works seamlessly from iPhone and iPad but Lenovo and Toshiba laptops seem to struggle to connect.

    I have been known to email something I want to print to the phone and then print it!

    Never get on with printers. Fairly certain there may be an easy fix beyond what I have tried already on uninstalling, updating drivers etc.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    I installed a hp 4620e for the MIL last weekend. That works wireless, cost less than £50 and I didn’t lose my rag with it whilst setting it up. Recommended.


    HP 5520 here, purchased new last Feb. I can’t remember how much it was (less than £100 IIRC) and it works seamlessly and wirelessly with mac, iPad and iPhone. I still get very excited about printing stuff when I’m nowhere near it! 🙂

    Ink cartridge’s seem to last reasonably well, although we don’t do a lot of printing.

    Have been using wireless printing for years.

    Only thing that bugged me was that some printers may not have the next wifi specs e.g.
    G network only when all other hooked devices are on N network.

    New protocols are coming through that leave N network for dust.

    Other than that, wifi printing has been awesome.


    Photosmart 5520 – simple set up, took 5 mins to be printing from opening the box.

    Works faultlessly hidden away in a cupboard out of sight, just print stuff from anywhere in the house, then go and collect it.

    It even has its own email address so you can get people to email the printer and it prints it off automatically including attachments. (Handy for tickets or hotel reservations etc)

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    also had nowt but hassle from a kodak.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    Got 2 in the office, hp 8600 plus all in one and an Epson sx something or other.
    Never got the Epson to work properly wirelessly, and it’s not that reliable plugged in either…

    The HP is fantastic, works like a charm. I really like the fact I can print to it remotely too, I can do work in the morning print things from home knowing they’ll be on my desk when I get in the office.


    I have a HP deskjet wireless printer, the wireless was flawless, couldn’t fault it but the printing, that went to pot after a few months and started printing gibberish

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    HP one upstairs, router downstairs. Works faultlessly.

    It’s got it’s own email address to so I can apparently send it documents to print from anything, anywhere, not tried it yet though.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I spent more on the printer HP 8500 to save money on consumables. A tactic that seems to have worked. Its certainly more convenient having bucket size cartridges


    HP wireless here and the really useful thing you can do is email docs to it from your smartphone and it printes them out. Useful when away from home and you have something that someone, who can’t be bothered to turn on the laptop, wants! Seems to happen a lot.


    Really like my HP wireless one. It’s a bit of a plain box, and you have to follow a slightly convoluted process to get it working with the WiFi, but it works very well and is uber reliable.

    My top tip would be to go for a laser printer rather than inkjet – I only use a printer occasionally, so my old inkjets would get clogged up

    had a hp515w for a few years, only issue has been the price of decent ink. No problems printing off any networked device.

    Premier Icon convert

    If you have an ipad and want to print from it not all wireless printers are born equally. Our existing kodak isn’t compatible (airprint?) which sucks a bit.


    Another HP6700 here. Faultless. Bought it a month ago and used daily by 6 different users since then. Stand alone in a room on its own, so doesn’t need to be next to router or computer. It’s not wired into anything (apart from mains supply). It’s in a big building and multiple laptops, iPad, iPod, iPhone etc all print to it easily. Up and working within 10 mins of opening box and they all connected without problem. As stated previously, you can also print to it when away from home but this may be limited usefulness for many. Mrs T tells me that it’ll scan a document without firing up a pc too. Highly recommended. Double sided printing/scanning is also a bonus (according to Mrs T, who uses it more than me).
    The only downsides are that it is big, so that may be a problem if space is limited. Also (and this applies to other printers too) the supplied cartridges are quite small, so replace them with bigger capacity ones when they run out. Finally, it needs to be switched on before printing – first world problem I know but Mrs T says it’s a pain because switches off and you usually have to go to switch it on before printing (more of an issue it its located away from where you’re located on a different floor etc). I was surprised how inexpensive it was considering all of the features, but you obviously have to take cartridge costs into account because that soon mounts up if you’re a heavy user.
    I’d get another without hesitation based on a month’s heavy use. Best printer I’ve had by a longshot.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Our hp 5520 lost its scan to email facility.
    The replacement doesn’t always show up on the iPad.

    Brother 625 here, works well even with air print for the iPads.
    Printer ink also good price too. Very reliable &good value all round

    Wirelss works well for most printers / brands etc now.

    If you’re an iDevice family, then look for one with air print.

    Avoid Canons if you care about the costs of ik. Brother tend to be the best $ per page.


    Kodak ESP5250 here. Had it 4-5 years. Used a lot works well. Router downstairs, printer upstairs. Don’t use it for photos but normal print quality is fine. Don’t know about emailing to it – never felt the need.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    We have two Canon printers (one laser, one bubble jet all-in-one) both connected to the router by Ethernet.

    Major issue is Canon’s repeated failure to issue new drivers for the latest version of OS X in anything like a timely manner, but otherwise all just works. Would be nice to have printer firmware updates to allow AirPrint to work though.

    I used to use an Apple Airport connected to whichever printer I had at the time. No problems with the Apple Airport (on either windows or mac). I always had problems with the printer jets getting blocked. Now I just use the office printer for the tiny amount of printing I do.

    Wireless printing these days is very reliable so I wouldn’t worry about that aspect of printer performance. After getting fed up with every ink jet printer we’ve ever owned getting terminally blocked print heads with our latest printer I went the laser printer route and got a small Samsung laser which is plugged into an Ethernet network and so far is working well for the type of infrequent printing we do which seems to kill inkjets.

    hp 5520 here too. easy to set up (apart from sprint) and works really well. cheap as chips (£65 from john lewis) connects to iPhone, mac

    Premier Icon nickb

    I have a Canon MP800R all-in-one wireless that I no longer use. If you can get to Teddington or Fulham to collect it’s yours for £20.

    Let me know,

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    HP Officejet 8600 Pro Plus all in one here, had it since beginning of August. Very pleased.

    Cost around £120 (saw it 2 months later on offer in Costco for about £80, gutted)
    Very fast on draft and sees very good on ink.
    so far 635 pages printed – roughly half n half B&W/colour – and still on original cartridges. B&W on around 55%, colour carts on around 70-80%
    Has an ADF (top feeder) for scanning/copying. Works well
    Can be set upon USB or wireless (I’m using it wirelessly).
    Does the ePrint thing so I can print from my phone or tab downstairs.

    Potential Downsides (depending what you’re after)
    It’s fairly large.
    The driver is basic – you can’t really play with colour density/saturation etc. but all the other usual features are there.
    It is not a photo printer. I’s an office printer. I’m sure it would print photos but that’s not it’s role. If you need something to print photos then make sure you get a photo printer.
    There are cheaper options if you don’t need all the functionality this beast has.


    Whatever you do don’t buy a Lexmark. Eats ink and the WiFi is crap unless you get up and reset it every time which defeats the point. Also doesn’t like being connected by wire and WiFi so gets confused.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Anyone else got an Epson XP-205 printer?
    Cant get the bleeding thing to print via wifi with my Talk Talk router/s.
    If I cant sort it I might be looking for another printer along with the OP.

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