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  • Rockhopper

    I have all my music stored on an external hard drive which is hooked up to an old laptop in the back bedroom. Its running Itunes and is wirelessly connected to my Orange Livebox. I can control Itunes on the laptop with my Ipod Touch over the wireless network.
    The next step is to wirelessly connect the laptop upstairs with my Hifi downstairs.
    Anyone got any ideas how I might do this (as cheaply as possible!)

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    your google fu must be weak, grassrockhopper

    Ours works in a very similar setup to the one you describe. We use an apple airport express at the hifi end of ours and it has been faultless. If you’re picky about your audio then you might want to use your own DAC between the airport and the hifi as the inbuilt one is supposedly not particularly good. I’ve not bothered with the DAC as I’m not sure that I could tell the difference.

    If you want to stream, films/video then you could use an apple TV in place of the airport express.

    Ours is a mac system although the airport express document says that it’ll also work with a PC.


    Depends how high or low-tech you want.

    Hi-tech: Logitech Squeezebox Duet attached to your hifi. It has a decent DAC on board, plus the remote is good for scrolling through thousands of tunes.
    Low-tech: a netbook with a digital out port
    Really low-tech: a giant cable running from your laptop to your hifi.

    XBox, or PS3 if you fancy a console too.


    Mr Muppet – my friend has an Apple Airport Express I think. Do I just need one of them plugged into my hi-fi? Absolute sound quality is not a huge concern, I only have a small midi system but I don’t really want the laptop etc in the same room as there is nowhere to hide it away. I don’t want video etc, just music so it sounds ideal.

    Nicko,I would use a cable if i could get the laptop near to the hifi but hidden away and I can’t so it really has to go upstairs.

    The Fopster

    Yep – just need an Airport Express. Wirelessly stream from iTunes to the Airport thingy, control as you say from iPod touch or similar. Easy, and on top of that peasy. Must dig out my old Airport Express to do the same myself when I’m too lazy to look for CDs…,

    Airport express for sure! Just plug it in the mains and run a 3.5mm audio lead into your hifi. I run airports into every hifi in the house and apple tv into the tvs for streaming video. It’s ace! 8)

    Yes, you do just need an ariport express plugged in within reach of your hifi (assuming you have a wireless router). There is a “how to” video here.

    We have one airport express and one apple TV, all music is stored as uncompressed wav files on an external drive attached to a macbook pro, control is via the remote app on the ipad. I guess you’re already using remote on the iPod touch. Going to add another airport express shortly for music in the shed for turbo trainer sessions.

    The only aspect of this I can’t vouch for is how well it works or easy it is to set up on a PC, but if it anything like it was on the mac then it will be a doddle.

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    The orange livebox is your router is it? Can you operate the home sharing feature on itunes wirelessly? If so how?

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