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    Currently running TalkTalk wired broadband on my aging desktop, however I’ve now bought a new laptop and want to get it up and running on wireless home broadband (not going to use mobile BB enough to justify the extra subscription costs). Also want to avoid switching suppliers if possible as I’m getting good speed and service from TalkTalk (astonishing though that may seem!) Ideally want to keep the desktop running either on its existing wired setup or via a wireless key too.
    I know I need a router but that’s about it…
    Over to the IT professionals amongst you who can recommend me a (cheap) ADSL router and tell me how easy it is to set these things up.

    Signed, Computer Luddite.


    Just been sorting this out on my setup – Virgin cable set top box.

    Had all sorts of trouble until told to clone my PCs MAC code onto the router. Then all was fine.

    set myself up yesterday, i’m with talktalk (shite and slow connection though for me).

    like you, wanted to maintain the base unit and have a wireless network (to access internet and share files) for the laptop.

    presumably you have a talktalk modem, so you just need a wireless router. i bought a belkin g+ (39quid from currys, but argos have same one for 29quid so with currys 110% price match cost 28quid).

    simply plug modem into router, router into computer, run a little software and off you go. the wireless also works without main computer being on which i did’t realise it would do.

    thats the good bit, the bad is that i’ve spend at least 3 hours today trying to figure out why the desktop keeps going into ‘working offline’ mode and when i try to reconnect it just offers me a dialup modem option. i’l fiddle for a bit, and with no reason it’ll start agin. the compuuter just does’nt want to find my ethernet connection it would seem as all the while my modem/router are working fine.


    Gav – in IE try Tools, Internet Options, Connectionsd and set to ‘Never dial a connection’. This way it will alwasy use the network connection.

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    Go to Comet and buy a netgear wireless router for no more than £50.00. Takes ten minutes to set up. i use Talk talk and installed the New router myself into my ageing desktop. Your laptop should pick up the new router itself. Ensure you sep up WEP security on your laptop to stop piggy backing on your signal. Very easy and you don’t need to be an IT wizard.

    Phone Talktalk and ask them if they’ll upgrade you to wireless…might want to tie you in for another 12 months though.

    Or there is a FON router that will allow you to join a free community based wireless network, although its all got BT written over it, you can just get the Fon router and still enjoy the benefits.


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    Second the above, I’ve been running a netgear router for 2 years now on a TalkTalk connection with no (router related) problems. main desktop is wired in, laptop is wireless connection, PC in the garage (don’t ask) on a wirless USB stick thingy. Pretty easy to set-up.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Phone Talktalk and ask them if they’ll upgrade you to wireless…might want to tie you in for another 12 months though

    A mate has the free router supplied by TT and said it was utter shite, he ended up buying a decent one. There’s nowhere really local to me to just pop into but I’m in town on Friday so will head off to a Coment/Currys etc while I’m there.


    Wireless is a function of the router, not the actual broadband service.
    ‘Tis easy to set up, just make sure you have some of wireless security / encryption set up, otherwise anyone can use your connection.

    Wireless is a function of the router, not the actual broadband service

    Should’ve clarified, I meant they might upgrade your router to a wireless one. No point if its shite though 🙂


    You can have my Talktalk one, I’ve just gone back to my old one.

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    Personally I’d always rather buy my own kit, the stuff they give away tends to be rubbish and any software that comes with it often has loads of stuff you don’t want on your PC.

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