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    Hi all,

    For the past two years Ive used tights under altura winter cruisers in the coldest of days -7 to +3 c.
    I’ve lost weight so need to replace my winter stuff so any suggestions for good warm tights or bibs before I just buy another few pairs of the cruisers in a smaller size ?

    Mavic inferno bibs look good but not sure they would be the best option.

    Any help appreciated

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    I’ve got an Inferno jacket.

    It lives up to it’s name – I’ve never needed more than a base layer under it, even in last years snow.

    For the range you’ve indicated it’s probably fine, above that it gets a bit too toasty and I imagine the tights will be the same.

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    I also have the inferno jacket – agreed, last years snow just a base layer and open the vents 🙂
    Based on this I’d assume the bibs would be just as good. Then again you should never assume 🙂 lol


    dhb roubaix tights are good for the money – the 53 quid ones – the the 48 quid ones are poor.


    Tights? That sounds a bit girly. What’s wrong with just pants.

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    just pants

    y-fronts chafe and your knees get cold?

    DHB zeros here and can’t recommend them enough. Not at any point last winter were my legs cold whether it be on or off road. Not cheap but well worth the money.

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    Slight hijack. Anyone know how the dhb zeros fit? I’m 6’4″ with 35″ leg.

    I currently use the dhb vaeon roubaix 3/4 bibs and they are a little cool on the thighs.

    I am the opposite to you. 5’7″ and a 29″ leg. My legs are like pit props and the large fit perfectly with only the slightest of Nora Batty wrickling.


    I got some Btwin Roubaix-type tights from Decathlon a coupla weeks ago, super snuggly and only £40 IIRC.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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