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  • Winter sun – Cape Verde?
  • FuzzyWuzzy
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    Have a fair bit of holiday allowance to use up and fancy mostly just lying on a beach somewhere warm for a week. Cape Verde seems to tick boxes for weather (would be going end of November/early December), less than 5 hour flight, local departure (Bristol).

    Seems mostly just Tui go there though and none of the hotels/resorts really grab me (looking at 5* all inclusive on Sal but they look more 3-4* to me…).

    Any recommendations (either for Cape Verde places to stay/things to do) or alternatives? Really needs to be 25c-ish temp, a beach, not much more than a 5 hour flight, good if some other stuff to do but would only be going for 7 nights so not essential), budget – pref less than £1k pp (flights & accommodation, 2 of us going), the fewer families with screaming kids the better.

    Also regarding all-inclusive –  never done it before and can’t decide if all the limitations (limited restaurant choice, only local alcohol brands etc.) mean you’re probably better off just going half-board and spending extra on evening meal/drinks (but without knowing the cost of that in advance it’s hard to tell if all-inclusive is actually a good deal or not…)

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    Can’t think of anywhere that will fit all of your criteria…main issue being flight time & temp required.

    Somewhere like the Majorca would still be warm, but probably around 20 degrees, rather than 25.
    Turkey definitely cooling off.
    Potentially Tunisia, but can’t really recommend based on the holiday we had there a few yrs ago.

    One thing that did pop up was Gambia, but that won’t fit inside your flight time requirement.

    Regarding all-inclusive, it really depends how much you will use the facilities. Whenever we go on beach/resort holidays lounging by the pool, we do tend to get a lot of use from the all-inclusive facilities so always tend to go for it. Even if it’s just glasses of Coke during the day or beers at lunchtime etc. depending on how high local prices are you can end up spending a fortune.
    You don’t have to use them for every meal, but I always think that we get our monies worth.

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    We’re in Cyprus at the moment and it’s lovely. Not sure what it’ll be like toward back end of November but still low 20’s I think.

    Watch for the wind in Cape Verde-can be pretty vicious.

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    We’re in Agadir right now, 4 hours from Manchester. 24degC right now – not sure what it will be like then though.

    We booked through Tui, staying in a Riu Palace something or other. Can’t fault it.

    Off to a Souk later, 4km2 and 6000 stores of chaos and haggling. Did the Atlas mountains yesterday. Wish I’d bought my bike.

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    We went a couple of years ago.

    wont be going again!

    The constant wind is the least of how crap it is.

    Its full board because they can’t trust the locals near money. You are an easy target when you do leave the hotel as you can be identified by your full board wrist band, be warned.

    some of the beach bars were fine, but you will get harassed while walking to them.

    The restaurants felt more like being in a school canteen.

    you will not be able to get drunk on the free booze, not even a bit tipsy, they keep it that way so people dont get drunk.

    this was a Tui one. Can’t remember which one.

    we still had a sit in the sun week and a nice rest really, but not somewhere I would return to.

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    Canaries not do it for you? My mother and her partner have been going to Hotel Riu Palace Tres Islas ( on Fuerteventura for the last few Novembers and seem to like it and get good weather. Half board I think and no idea which holiday firm she goes with. My idea of holiday hell but each to their own. Personally love the northern bit of Tenerife but its not renown for its sun and the southern bit with the sun was tourist hell to my eyes. But again, each to their own.

    Or leave all morals behind and go to Dubia and get kettled into one of the myriad of effectively compounds surrounded by a desert of lack culture and tax free expats.

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    The Canaries are still quite warm this time of year. I like Lanzarote and Tenerife. Competition in the Playa Blanca and Costa Adeje areas is intense and all of the hotels along the front are pretty good, some are magnificent and quite a few are adults only.

    All inclusive has its advantages but you’re tied to the hotel all day for the food and drink you’ve technically paid for. Half board gives you more freedom and costs a lot less. The 4-star hotel restaurants are generally excellent and the 5-star hotels will have a choice of restaurants and Chinese/Mexican/Indian theme nights

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    I’ve been to Sal a couple of times for the winter windsurfing.   The strong trade winds do keep the temperature  down a bit.  We’ve stayed in the town itself and self catered.   Really enjoyed the bustle and some excellent places to eat and drink and dance. No hassle from the locals except “come see my shop”. Nothing much to see and do other than the beach unless you’re a surfer of some sort.

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    Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. If you don’t do either you may as well hit the Canaries (where you can still do both).

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    Hmm hadn’t actually thought about the wind in Cape Verde, might need to reconsider… I had thought about the Canaries/North Africa but average temps seem to be struggling to get into the 20’s at that time of year, great cycling weather but not sure about lying on a beach weather?

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    I can’t recommend from personal experience, but this article was in the weekend’s i newspaper, Cape Verde gets a brief mention, but might give you some food for thought for other destinations?

    In that article Gambia caught my eye (as mentioned earlier in the thread), 6 hours flight, no time difference, wildlife spotting if you like that kind of thing. Your interests may vary of course 😉

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    November/December in the Cape Verde Islands (to be pedantic Cape Verde is a cape on the African mainland) are not the windiest times and even in March (which is supposed to be windiest) it isn’t always that windy. However Sal is overdeveloped and those all-inclusive places are pretty carp. Boavista is a nicer island.

    However for winter sun I’d go for the Canaries. There are over-developed places with Irish bars and all that stuff but there are lots of places with spectacular scenery, forests and hills. I went to La Palma a year or two back and it was beautiful – did an Air b n b. La Gomera is lovely too. Tenerife has lots of beautiful bits despite the mass tourism bit.

    Weatherwise the south west of each island is best in terms of sun and temperature. In winter you can rely on low 20s C. The Canaries aren’t windy in the winter as the trade winds move south (to the CV islands!).

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    Sal is one of the few places I’d never ever go to again. Wind was an issue but the place was like a slag heap/ quarry with a few hotels thrown in.

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    gambia probably ticks a lot of boxes, a lot more ‘things to do’ there as well, if you did want to get off the beach. Otherwise how long a flight is dubai (and similar)?

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    Just booked to go back for our 4th time in January. We love it for a post xmas kitesurfing and yoga cheap break that is a relatively short flight with guaranteed sun and wind.

    <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>The best hotel is Morabeza but even this has influences of the locals laid back style!</span>

    The island is relaxed and scruffy and mostly desert but the beaches, sea and seafood around Santa Maria are great. It is has always been very windy when we have been there.

    The Hilton arrived last year on rumours of direct flights from America so it may well be changing (in my mind for the worse)

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