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  • Winter shorts (general wear, not just cycling)
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    I’m looking for some heavier weight shorts for general wearing during autumn/winter, plus a short commute (10 mins). These Rohan shorts looked decent, plus they are water resistant: Escaper shorts .

    Any other recommendations from fellow winter shorts wearers?

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    Free Member aren’t bad, the blue is brighter than the photo (which makes them quite good for cycling visibility IMO), they are quite water resistant. The separate padded liner shorts are decent too.

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    Big fan of Kuhl shorts. They are very tough and cut well for cycling, walking climbing etc

    I have a couple of pairs of Ambush and have worn them in rotation all summer/Autumn – wearing them now!

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    @n0b0dy0ftheg0at Those look good, but they’re sold out in most styles. Had a look on other sites, and can find the black ones – may go with those.

    @winston – there’s a stockist near me, so will check those over the weekend. Thanks.

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    My favourites are Endura Zyme. The mark 2 is perfect for off the bike too, nice big pockets. Unfortunately they are now discontinued, so I buy up any that come up for sale.

    I’m “down” to three pairs now having had a brand new pair cut off me at BPW in April.

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    endura zymes and three quarter zymes. perfect

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    Swrve are nice, either shorts or 3/4s. Fairly slim fit. They have some in water repellent fabrics.

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    I just wear the same shorts all year round…

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    Really like the Madison Addict shorts. The waterproof arse is great!

    Review on my blog if it’s of any help 🙂

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    Madison shorts on and off the bike, aces.

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