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  • Following on from the heated avalanche thread, would you go round the edges of Helvellyn today in jeans trainers and a fashion coat?

    Adventurous or reckless?

    pootling about

    When I was at school (1971 ish) we went to an outward bound centre (Howtown) & a lad from Wolsingham Grammar school had a nasty fall off Striding Edge, ending up with the wrong bit of his ice axe in his shoulder.
    So no, I wouldn’t.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    depends, would somebody bet me to?


    My mate is an experienced guide in North Wales and a good fell runner.
    He ran up snowdon one summer evening in normal running gear on a well known path. On his way up he passed a group of walkers heading up.

    He reached the top and started back down. He met the walkers in what was now semi darkness. He was comfortable running back down in semi darkness and the weather was fine.
    They stopped him on the way down because a couple in the party were exhausted. He helped them off the hill in what became total (summer evening) darkness and his evening was ruined through their lack of fitness and inexperience. He was IMO right to be miffed and he said he walked in front and they kept calling him to check he was still their, he knew the path so well he could easily walk it without a torch etc.
    He got them down to Pen y Pass safely and went home.
    He was cold and risking injury in the dark as he planned to be back in daylight.

    Most of them had gear on wheras he was in a vest shorts and fell shoes. Their lack of fitness (they were all quite young) may have risked his welfare but who was the most prepared?


    ending up with the wrong bit of his ice axe in his shoulder.

    Is there a right bit of an ice axe to get in your shoulder??? 😯

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