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  • Just wondering if anyone here can recommend a waterproof jacket for biking

    I’ve looked at…

    Endura Mt500 (a few reviews highlighting poor quality tapes seams)
    Altura 360 attack

    Keen to hear thoughts on the above or any other suggestions.

    Thanks in advance


    Gore Alp-X 2.0 (Gore-Tex)

    Best MTB ive ever owned, very windproof, waterproof & breathable.

    Nuff said.

    Premier Icon shredder

    Had the MT500
    Now have the Gore Alp-X 2.0 as above different league.

    Premier Icon ibnchris

    I’ve got a lightweight Rab jacket I wear. Not sure I like any of the mtb specific jackets out there…would just find the lightest weight waterproof you van and couple it with a decent ride jersey. Lightweight merino jerseys are good. I wear a Repack Berino, but I’m biased…


    Montane Atomic Stretch. Got mine on offer from Merlin for £89
    Worth every penny


    Depending on where you are in the country, Leckies in Falkirk are doing some Altura Varium jackets for £40 (instead of £130) – nice cut fit and seems to be waterproof but I’m not expecting to it to be totally waterproof. Certainly windproof.


    montane minimus works well for me…


    Dickbarton you are a legend!! Leckies deliver so ordered one of those jackets. Absolute bargain!! Thanks for that heads up.

    Premier Icon richen987

    Yup Gore alp x 2 , been using it all winter commuting and riding, no signs of wear and really waterproof and breathable.
    Great jacket


    I had the MT500 and true to form it fell apart at the seams

    In it’s defence though it is extremely hard wearing and can sustain scuffs and scrapes and a reasonable fall.

    I then went for the Alp X and yes the difference in waterproofing, breathability and weight is poles apart from the MT500. You can also fold it up small and stow it in your pack. Down side is that it will tear on a fall but you can get Goretex repairs at a couple of places for between £30 and £50.

    I ran my Alp X into the ground. Couldn’t get the stink out and the waterproofing to take again. Never one to miss a bargain I bought a Mavic coat as a replacement for a bloody good price and because it had some yellow flashes to match one of my bikes 😳 …. I think I look look good but I’m nowhere near as dry or warm as I was in the Alp X…Lesson learnt 🙄 !!!

    I think you know what to do.


    Got a Paramo Cuzco, waterproof, warm, soft and absolutely not boil on the bag. Best biking jacket I’ve had by far. Won’t buy another ‘shell’ jacket ever again. Have tried high end MTB jackets and they just don’t compare.

    Premier Icon benp1

    Don’t you find the Paramo stuff too warm?

    I have a third element I thought about using but figured I’ve be sweating no end

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    The altura attack jacket is good for its price range.
    I’m pretty much through with MTB-specific waterproof jackets though – Like ibnchris says above the answer for me is a good softshell for general winter riding, plus a foldable waterproof in the back pocket if it starts to seriously tip it down.

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