Winter is coming, what waterproof jacket and shorts please?

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  • Winter is coming, what waterproof jacket and shorts please?
  • stayhigh

    Morning All

    As the evening are starting to get slowly darker and we edge towards the season of wet and windy, I find myself considering my lack of waterproofs and a need to remedy this! Previously owned and loved a set of Endura Venturi eVent jacket and 3/4 length shorts and was rather sad when they delaminated and died.

    So where’s it at with waterproofs these days? Looking for a good bit of kit that will manage commuting and play duties while not boiling me alive.

    I got hold of a Gore ShakeDry insulated Gore-Tex jacket, it seems amazing. I’ve only used it once, but it felt amazing.

    It was a rainy day in June, so not freezing. I didn’t bake in it though.

    Anything that meets your needs from last year’s cheap stuff. MTB screws waterproofs in record time. No point wasting cash.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    keep an eye on Millets at the moment.  Every now and then you get a ‘proper’ goretex sale rather than the usual 15% off.  ShakeDry is nice but not if you wear a rucksack – you’ll want a 3 layer jacket in that case

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    I bought myself a Keela Saxon jacket – made in Fife!

    £60 on Amazon.

    Appears to be an excellent bit of a kit – and certainly kept me dry in Friday’s deluge.


    Cycle store UK have got endura singletrack 2 jackets in for £74 bought one myself last week. Weirdly for endura sizing is accurate.


    I’ve had the Decathlon jacket for near on 3 years and it’s been superb
    Proper waterproof and cheap as chips compared to most bike brand jackets with that waterproofness
    I found a Madison Zenith Waterproof jacket on sale in evans at £30 so I’ve took a stab at that but still keep the Decathlon one in case the Madison isn’t upto the Scottish weather

    I bought one of these the other day because I needed a cheap jacket. Turns out I didn’t need it, so I haven’t tried it yet, but worth a punt at £50

    Go outdoors

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    I wear a waterproof rapha city jacket for MTB in proper wet weather, it’s absolutely brilliant but was not cheap at £120 half price in the sale.

    Also got a good endura MTR waterproof jacket.


    Thanks for the replies all 🙂

    Think I’m ok for a jacket for the time being (reserve the right to back pedal on this later) so my thoughts are now in the shorts department.

    Found when used before Alturas cut was too big and they had maximum swish. Veyy happy with the Enduras I had before and Madison shorts seem quite well recieved in these parts.

    So; 3/4 length waterproof shorts…


    On waterproof shorts I’ve been wearing the Fox waterproof shorts and they have been great

    Why not just get a mudhugger rear and front and you won’t need waterproof shorts. The look is a bit of an acquired taste but in winter it’s practically dark all the time anyway.

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