Winter gloves… What you got then ?

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  • Winter gloves… What you got then ?
  • Premier Icon weeksy

    I only seem to have 1 pair of wintery gloves, they’re a bit on the big side, a bit on the ugly side but work really well. I bought them from PlanetX once upon a time, but no idea as to buying another pair.
    Every review I read of gloves has 2-3 people say they’re warm and toasty, then 2-3 say not… So i end up having no idea what’s good, bad or indifferent.

    I’m not too bothered about being waterproof, but wind and cold are a must really.

    Thoughts, options and opinions are much appreciated.

    Premier Icon mrwhyte

    I have the Seal Skinz Dragon Eye gloves. They have done me well, very comfy and warm. To the point sometimes where I have to take them off as they are too warm. Perfect for those frosty mornings. I think there are plenty of offers on them at the moment, check sports pursuit.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Also interested as my 3 y/o endura dexter ones are just starting to fall apart. Combined with a liner glove for cold days, they are fine for me. For sub zero & wet shenanigans, I have some very warm Gorebike wear gloves.


    Aldi winter gloves, £7 and brilliant (as long as it’s not above about 2deg

    I have the planet x lobster claw gloves for commuting and I think they are awesome. Really warm etc and only a tenner.

    Premier Icon salad_dodger

    I’ve just ordered the Galibier Deep Winter gloves which have been getting fantastic reviews for years. I must own at least 15 pairs of gloves and I’m still searching for a pair that keeps my hands from going numb once freezing temperatures arrive.

    plus one

    Planet X lobster gloves are the best winter gloves I’ve had(when it’s sub zero) and cheap as chips 🙂

    Yes I’ve tried other more expensive gloves

    Premier Icon jameso

    I got some 5mm neoprene 3-finger diver gloves a couple of winters ago. OTT most of the time but they work at below freezing and in sleety conditions, for longer than you’d want to be out. Lobster / 3-finger / trigger type gloves are the best plan if it’s properly cold.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’ve just ordered the Galibier Deep Winter gloves

    +1. These are awesome and relatively cheap.   Mine are so good I ordered the mid weight Roubaix for Autumn and spring also.  What’s not always appreciated about Galibier until you have your hands in some is the sheer quality – they are very well made and last for years.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Didn’t fancy the lobsters because of hand/gears/etc… So went with a pair of these… along with some socks of course 🙂

    Premier Icon tall_martin

    Sealskins- the knitted ones for me if it’s wet and between 5and 0.

    Below 0 it’s a pair of sheepskin lined leather gloves I inherited from my granddad.

    I’ve tried aldi finest and gores most expensive. They have liners that shift which end up bugging me.

    Premier Icon rugbydick

    I get properly cold hands (Reynaulds) and am yet to find a glove that keeps me warm.

    Bought some Pogies last year which seem to work well with some thick gloves underneath.
    Tesco also had a deal on those chemical handwarmers too, which.

    I’ve been looking for ages for some 3+1 finger / lobster gloves. Anyone know of any decent ones?
    The Planet X ones are good, but they’re 2+2 fingers (so not so great for MTB).


    I have the Galibier ones too which are nice.

    For truly cold conditions only lobster gloves do the job in my experience.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    +1 on Pogies, make a huge difference if you can get them on your bike.

    +1 on any sort of lobster glove being  better if you get on with them

    Premier Icon dreednya

    Endura MT500s waterproof and warm so far

    I have some Polaris waterproof ones which do the job except in properly Baltic conditions, then it’s Galibiers which do make shifting a bit harder.


    Pogies are, indeed, the answer. Anything else is just skimming the surface.

    I have some Sealskinz (not the Dragon Eye). They’re pretty good. A bit bulky but still OK for grip and control.

    Endura Dexters last about 3 years sesonal appearances before they start wearing through on the fingers.

    Aldi gloves are thin and barely warm enough for even a mild Winters day.

    Neoprene works well but needs to be a tight fit which can feel a bit odd. My worst experience with those is bivvying out sub-zero and putting them on in the morning.. As they tend to stay damp for a while it was like putting my hand in a block of ice.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    As they tend to stay damp for a while it was like putting my hand in a block of ice

    This is why i want a 2nd pair. On Saturdays ride my hands were toasty, until we stopped for cake, they got damp and cold in the cafe and were bloody freezing afterwards.

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    100% Briskers plus silk liner gloves for when it’s really cold.


    I get properly cold hands (Reynaulds) and am yet to find a glove that keeps me warm.

    So do I, my hands are cold now sat in a nice warm office. I was using ski type gloves for years which kept my hands warm but they were falling apart so just got some DHB gloves which are supposedly good for extreme weather and had freezing cold fingers on Sunday.

    Just ordered some more ski gloves as they work for me. I don’t need to worry about brake or gear levers as I don’t have them so don’t really need cycling specific gloves so ski gloves may not work for you.

    Premier Icon krixmeister

    Slight hijack – I also suffer from cold hands and feet (feet sorted this year by finally getting some winter boots).

    I’m “pogie curious” – and also very broke. Any recommendations on cheapest half-decent pogies to buy for trying out, and again – cheap in case I don’t get on with them?


    A very old pair of Aldi winter lobsters. They seem to work well, although right now (-3) they are a bit warm. They’ll be perfect when winter actually starts and it stay about -10 for the commute.

    Any recommendations on cheapest half-decent pogies to buy for trying out, and again – cheap in case I don’t get on with them?

    Hotpogs is the standard answer to this.


    I use ice climbing gloves. Mine are some Black Diamond ones I got in a sale. In properly cold weather I’ll wear arm warmers as well as long sleeved thermals – keeping the blood going to the hands warm is just as important as the hands themselves.

    One problem with gloves in general is that if you get sweaty then that’s going to impact the feel of the glove and will also cool your hands down. One of the pairs of ice climbing gloves I have are for “mixed” climbing and have basically no insulation but still feel “warm”.

    My wife has some 3+1 lobster claws from Pearl Izumi which are her goto gloves in cold weather.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Another Galibier fan here too – I started out with the winter glove but now have the roubaix ones, some MTB gloves and their membrane bib tights too.   The winter gloves come out when its below 5 ish and they do the job – I always suffer on the tips of my thumbs and these are the best I’ve found for that..


    I have some sealskin Dragon eye mentioned above, and though they are good, they are not a under 0 degree’s glove for me. I have an old pair of Sealskin winter gloves which are too warm to wear at anything above 0 degree’s, but are falling to piece (many years old), so have ‘just’ bought a newer pair of their cold weather gloves, they don’t seem as bulky but hopefully are a warm (will find out this week!).

    rugbydick – Sealskin do an heated glove, which are excessively expensive but from my mum’s experience of raynauds, it’s a price that may be worth paying

    I’m going to have to agree with the galibier love.

    Great gloves. Yesterday’s ride was never above 0. Hands toasty.

    Road or gravel in same conditions probably still the galibier s but possibly the planet X lobsters.


    I’ve a couple of pairs of Sealskinz, one pair is good down to about 0’c and the other thicker pair are good down to about -4′-5’c. I’ve got a pair of Altura which are okay to about 0’c but they don’t get worn very often. For when it’s slightly warmer I’ve also got a pair of Enduras which despite being quite thin are very good and comfy down to about 4 or 5’c.


    Reynaulds here too

    Down to about 7c Dakine Gore gloves
    7-3c Gore winter weight gloves
    3-0c add merino liners
    Below 0 sealskinz thermal leather gloves with merino liner.

    You need slightly larger gloves for liners to allow blood flow. And you want waterproof and wind proof for absolute warmth.

    Premier Icon rt60

    Another one for the Galibiers, unless it’s below freezing I find them too warm.


    Every review I read of gloves has 2-3 people say they’re warm and toasty, then 2-3 say not… So i end up having no idea what’s good, bad or indifferent.

    I reckon the reason for the former is in part just because some people suffer cold hands (or feet) much more than others. The other part is probably wet/dry/damp or at least it’s a big modifier because once hands (or feet) get cold its easy to slip into getting them colder so even if the glove is a bit damp if it pushes you marginally into the getting colder it can all just keep going downhill whereas just a tiny bit warmer for that person on that day and they could have thought them toasty?

    That in mind sometimes a second dry pair of gloves can be all that’s needed …
    Hands down best gloves I’ve got (suitable for cycling) for warm hands are some Dexshell ones I got in the shop at FOD. Remarkably quite cheap… usually too warm to start off the day but fantastic to carry around and put on if normal gloves are not doing the job or you stop for food etc.

    I’ve got some normal Brisker 100% ones as well… take AGES to dry though once they do get wet and though they keep your hands reasonably warm when they are wet it’s certainly not pleasant putting them back on wet… probably worse then others as you need to heat them back up and that steals more warmth from your hands.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Sealskinz Ultra Grip.

    Good down to freezing, don’t sacrifice much in the way of feel on the bar.

    Waterproof as well.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    That in mind sometimes a second dry pair of gloves can be all that’s needed …

    Very much this yes. As i sweat a crazy amount even in summer i often take 2 pairs of gloves out as the first pair get soaked. In winter i still get the sweating if the gloves are good, hence wanting a 2nd pair. I thought, well the P/X ones i have work well, so that’s why i bought a 2nd pair of the same.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’ve got 3 pairs pairs of Aldi specials which all work well, I’ve also got a pair of their lobsters from a couple of years ago but just never got on with the whole two fingers thing…


    I’m still trying to suss out a gloves strategy, coming back to road biking after years off.

    My ‘down to about 5/6C’ glove is

    Very impressed with these.

    For -3 to +4 I bought these, but they didn’t work, so wasted £50 on a single ride. Can’t really return them after 3 hours of freezing fingers 🙂

    Premier Icon rhayter

    100% Brisker. They’re surprisingly warm but never seem to get too hot. Clever. So good that when I left a pair on a train I replaced them immediately. And they’re not crazy expensive.

    Premier Icon darkroomtim

    Been using the DHB winter gloves recently and they’re great

    Not used in the wet though…

    Premier Icon w00dster

    For full on winter riding (Snow or just above zero), I use a pair of Northface Guardian Etip Gloves. I also wear a pair of silk liners underneath.
    When its not that cold, above 5 degree’s, I’ll wear a set of Bontrager Meraj Softshell (women’s but fit me fine). I prefer the longer length glove so I can tuck my jersey into the wrist part of the glove and then seal it with the velco strap.


    There’s been a couple of recommendations for 100% brisker which I’ve owned and found good but 100% also do the brisker hydromatic which are way better. Waterproof and a lot warmer than the standard gloves for not much more money.

    I bought some Altura Night Vision years ago. Was impressed by the separate shell/liner system as I hate sewn in liners.

    The Alturas were so good I ended up using them for winter hillwalking too. Now I will only buy gloves that are based on a shell with a liner, means you can wear the shell only on milder but wet days, and then layer up for colder days. Bringing a spare set of liners is also a good idea for when water inevitably gets in.

    Dissent do a three pary layering ‘system’ which looks excellent, it’s just the price that puts me off (£95…).

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