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  • Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock

    Getting a bit older and staring to feel the cold more than a few years ago, need to buy new winter gloves. I’ve been using Sealskinz waterproof ones for a couple of winters now, but having put them through the washing machine last year, they are no longer waterproof or totally windproof , as they turned their successive layers inside out and I knackered them even more trying to sort them out !
    Any other suggestions before I simply replace them and don’t machine wash ?
    Ideally warm and waterproof. Certainly don’t want thicker than the s/s. Good as they are when they work, any bulkier and I may as well ride in boxing gloves.

    Premier Icon ton

    aldi. 4.99. perfect, unless you have a conscience. 😀

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Google Glacier Perfect Curves.
    Strictly speaking they’re not cycling gloves but they get great reviews.

    25 quidish from window cleaning suppliers.


    +1 Aldi. Conscience, why?

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    cheap must surely = ‘sweatshop’…

    (it was discussed briefly on a thread a few days ago)

    the glacier gloves are indeed good.

    i bought a ‘large’ pair as i was btween sizes, and went ‘up’ – £20 posted?

    (1 week’s use)


    Aldi +1

    Seriously they are like hand toasters. Brilliant.

    Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock

    Conscience ? Moi ? Aldi goes on the list.
    The glacier test is impressive, but look like neoprene surfing gloves ?

    Premier Icon ton

    30+ years of commuting, the aldi gloves are the best I have ever used.

    Premier Icon jaylaz73

    I’ve got some gore alp x waterproof winter gloves, not cheap but have kept my hands warm and dry so far this year and good feel for grips and controls.


    I would love done Aldi ones, but I never catch them in.
    I did the same to my sealskin, was considering ripping out the insides and using the outer with liners.


    Aldi. Loads better than both my Endura winter glovers and my TNF Windstopper ones (which are frankly crap)

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Aldi – go up a size to leave room for liners for extra cold weather, toasty warmth for a tenner.

    Alternatively, I picked up some of the extra cold level Sealskinz the summer before last. A bit bulky but good at half price!

    Premier Icon beej

    I bought the glacier ones on the recommendation from a previous thread. I’m generally cold handed and they were good for two and a half hours on the road, 4C, raining. Thumbs up from me.

    They are cycling gloves though, according to the packaging – although I got mine from the window cleaning place too.

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