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  • Winter boots, where are we these days?
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    Hi there

    thanks for all the interesting feedback.

    I think I have been put off the new Northwave celsius as it now seems to have become an XC shoe and the sock thing just isnt boot enough!

    I think for me a winter boot is a north of england winter so mostly temperatures around +5 to -2 its a more waterproof boot I need rather than a boot for -10/20 dry cold conditions.

    To be fair the old Northwaves were waterproof and plenty warm enough, I dont seem to suffer from cold feet too badly and usually just wear “normal” socks never bothered sizing up and never wore wool socks etc.
    The Specialized defrosters look good, and from what people here are saying probably fit the bill for what I need. I cant seem to find them for sale in my size….

    If anyone has seen old stock Northwave celsius or Spesh defrosters in size 44 / 10 let me know.

    Once again thanks for all the input.

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    To be fair the old Northwaves were waterproof and plenty warm enough

    They are, but have a couple of design flaws. First, they don’t do up tightly enough around the ankle so water gets into the top – gaiters needed. Second, the “double flap” arrangement can leave a gap over the non-waterproof tongue. Hopefully these issues have been fixed on the newer versions.

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    I’ve got the older Northwave Arctic with the flap and some Specialized Defrosters. They seem about equal in terms of resisting water ingress. Both usually end up a bit damp in really wet conditions. Both are easy to clean with a hose. Northwaves have fared well for 3-4 years. Beware of over tightening cleats as the plastic sole isn’t the most durable. The defrosters close around the ankles, but I find the material a bit rigid and less comfortable. The placement of the Velcro also seems designed for people with pencil thin ankles.

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    @NorthCountryBoy If you’re size 10 (as I am ) I would 100% advise you to go for size 46 in those Northwaves. The more enclosed air you have around your feet then the more air there is to warm up. Additionally you’ll be able to fit thicker socks on which since it’s winter why would you not? I didn’t test the shoes on my bike so couldn’t advise on the amount of heel lift although the ‘toe stand test’ didn’t show too much but this kind of test illustrates where the forces are on the shoe which takes me onto the next point.

    Durability. The reel cord has only one cord line between the shoe flap and the dial whereas many shoes have two so I could see that being a point of failure.

    Also consider foot width as Northwaves aren’t like Lake, for example, who cater for wide feet. Narrow shoes can ruin a ride.

    Despite what many people are saying I didn’t find it too much of a struggle to get my feet in them. Loosen the cord fully and my feet went in no problem. The Neoprene cuff is stretchy enough.

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    Odd, I’m really happy with mine. I’d thought that the tongue wasn’t waterproof but looked again and it seems to have a goretex back.

    Odd, as you say. On a normal (ie not torrential or flooded) wet winter ride in my previous Northwaves I’d expect to have damp feet at worst, not to have to be able to wring water out of my socks, as I did last weekend. Also, a friend has MW7s as well, rides in the same places as often as I do and hasn’t reported any problems. Anyway, they’ve gone and my new NWs kept my feet warm this morning.

    And just an update. I’ve been using the new Northwaves for my commuting, since I got them, a few weeks ago. (About 9 miles each way, mainly along cycle-paths, with some large standing puddles in places depending on weather.) I haven’t had wet feet once, even this week when I’ve ridden through Storm Christoph’s best efforts. I am assuming that there was something badly wrong with the Madison MW7s, because I would have had wet feet if I’d been wearing them this morning.

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    If anyone looking to buy some Lakes ( I have opted to try a pair of the MXZ200s) I can thoroughly recommend Salt Dog Cycling as a place to make a purchase.

    After a few emails regarding best fit, Richard rang me (on a Saturday afternoon) and talked me through the best way to size winter boots. Interestingly, Lake own the “lasts” that they use to make their boots so the sizing is consistent. Apparently Shimano, Specialized etc  go to whichever factory suits them at the time so there is some variation in size.

    Anyway Richard was extremely helpful, first class customer service.

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    I’m still on the Shimano boots I bought in 2007.

    They look trashed, but I still had warm feet after 3h in the muddy snow this morning.

    I thought they were expensive at the time, but they have more than paid for themselves in warm dry feet.

    They are the version with neoprene round the top. This has never sealed. Gaiters and waterproof trousers if it’s a splashy day as the water just runs down inside.

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    Also happened to get a pair of discounted Fizik Artica X5. Comfortable, very nicely made, great to walk in with a proper rubber sole. The ankle is quite stiff but seems to be slowly breaking in. I had to stitch the tongue behind the zip in place because it just slid round to the side. Pair about 160g heavier than Northwaves. Not particularly stiff considering they’re apparently carbon reinforced. Zip leaks slightly but nothing that’s going to get feet wet. I expect problems with the zip in the long run. Slightly behind Specialized and Northwave for warmth. Cleat slot too far forward IMO.

    Update: That didn’t take long, zip dead. Will be returning when I can work out how to fill in a customs form.

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    Lake 303’s here 6 years old, still solid, waterproof, & warm, if huge & clunky. Had the original NW celcius many year ago, they were rubbish, so I stopped wasting money in half hearted attempt at proper boots. I have used the majority of Shimano offering, which are great waterproof boots Ime but crap winter cold weather ones.

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    Had diadora chills.

    Then the Shimano winter boots.

    Then the Shimano waterproof walking boots (warm but gets wet easy)

    Now on bonty old man winters and the wife has 45nrths -wish we had these availible years ago. None of the normal winter boots come close for warmth

    Worn with your waterproof trews pulled over they stay dry for ever unless you submerge them in standing water

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    Thanks for all the info, there was a lot to think about. In then end I decided to stick to what I know works for me ! Managed to find anothe pair of the classic Celsius, should keep me going for a few more winters.

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    So the Lake’s MXZ200s arrived and they are a very fine boot. They appear to be very well made with lovely soft leather, reinforced in various places, and they are toasty warm. I went out for a couple of hours today in -2 air temp and my feet were warm and comfortable throughout – I have been out in similar conditions with various other “shoes” and have always been in pain after about 30-40 mins.

    Money well spent. 👍

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