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  • Winter boots V's Shoes and gore tex socks.
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    depends whether or not you suffer with cold feet

    Premier Icon kilo

    I have the nortwave road boot with goretex etc, for me on road it’s better than overshoes, quicker getting on less faffing about and lasts longer.
    I’ve never found mtb overshoes I’ve got on with so last year in the mud I was using 5 ten boots and flats – not waterproff but ok in the thick mud I kept getting bogged down in. What are you thinking of moving on to I keep looking at MT91’s but not sure i can justiy the extra cost

    Premier Icon Lesanita2

    if you have cold feet look at overshoes and or merino wool socks (woolly boollies). Shoes not too tight as reduced blood flow = cold toes.
    If still cold winter boots.
    If out in wet and cold, neoprene socks. Try also walking gaitors to reduce cold water flow through boots.


    I am thinking of getting some Winter boots (Waterproof Gore Tex etc),
    But I have some AM51 Boots and MT500 overshoes, should I save money and just get Gore tex/ Seal skin socks or is it false economy?

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Got some MT91’s and they’re OK if you’ve allowed room for thick socks.
    Bike Radar review is pretty much spot on. They do let trail detritus in though not a big issue. Thinking of getting some Stop Tous to sort it.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Overshoes, sealskinz socks & same sort of boots here. (Old Spesh Trail 120 things). Dont suffer from cold feet though, but the overshoes tend to keep the wind chill out when its really cold.


    Sealskinz suck the big one – never had colder feet even if they are dry inside they are still cold even with the merino lined ones

    Woolie boolies and shimano winter boots plus mt500 overshoes- =super warm feet !


    Thermal socks, sealskinz, winter boots, and overshoes all together when it’s really cold for me.


    The only way I can keep my feet warm and dry in winter is using overshoes thin merino socks with shoes not to tight.

    Shimano MW80 winter boots, with sealskinz socks and when really cold enduraMTB500 overshoes over the top of the above……………toasty and bone dry.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My Gore waterproof socks are the worst bit of biking kit I’ve ever bought, incidentally. Designed by a man with no feet, I think.

    This one divides the populus on here. I guess it depends on you and where / what you ride.

    I did the overshoes thing – which works but is a faff and the overs fail after a few months if youre lucky (depends on miles, conditions etc).

    Shimano mw80 (and this years replacement) are “put on – go ride – take off – have a cuppa”.

    But that does come at a cost.

    At the real extreme – if it’s proper baltic (-15 or worse)- or you get cold feet – mw80’s dont really cut the mustard – you need overshoes too. I got 2 pairs now – one for normal woolie boolies and one sized up for really really thick merino hiking socks. BTW – I cant find overs that fit over the larger mw80’s.

    Lastly: woolie boolies – What ever you wear start with them: warm when damp, dont honk, etc etc.


    My Gore waterproof socks are the worst bit of biking kit I’ve ever bought, incidentally. Designed by a man with no feet, I think.

    what was up with them? interested as I’m waiting for a pair at the moment.


    spesh winter waterproof boots with seal skins and if its really cold I use thin socks as well. Works for me and we did one ride last year when it dropped to -15. Feet were toasty just a shame that my hands felt like ice cubes!


    This thread got me thinking about getting some winter boots, but looking at the price and how much use they’ll get I came up with a cunning plan.
    I currently use thick wool socks and neoprene overshoes on normal summer cycling shoes. This works OK unless really cold. This year I plan on investing in a couple of those reusable gel hand warmers that you boil up and click to activate. I think they should fit between the shoes and the overshoe by my toes. Might have to go up a size for the overshoes. We’ll see if this works!


    i wear seal skinz and my usual flat pedal shoes in winter as i’m standing around on wet ground etc… works for me. incidently i always get cold feet if i use spds in any weather regardless of what shoes i use


    Over the years I have tried many approaches, and now I just wear summer shoes with ankle woold socks. The shoes let water out and the wooll socks keep your feet warm even when they are wet.

    Premier Icon Del

    if you’re not using those gore socks i’ll have ’em. even if they don’t fit me i’ll pass them on to someone else.
    apart from the bike i think they’re one of the best bits of bike kit i own.

    I’ve just bought some northwave celsius artic GTX SPD shoes.

    On the basis that they were:
    +the same cost as a turbo trainer and likely to be more interesting.
    +fitted so that they cdidnt come off without having to crank the laces down tot he point of cutting off circulation.
    +big enough that I could curl my toes and get some circulation going.
    + have 2 neoprene flaps which might stop water running down my leg into them? Not banking ont his so will continue wearing roubaix tights washed in nikwax on the oisude of the boots.
    + shoe + neoprene + goretex + fleace lining in one convenient package, not overshoe + shoe + seakskin + sock
    + seemed to fit well in either one sock or 3 pairs (2 normal + sealskins)!

    Will report back in May when the Moor’s start to dry out again!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    winter boots – I find that the windchill through normal shoes is what does my feet in and there’s no socks that stop that. Overshoes are a nightmare off road.


    i used to get really cold feet, tried all combinations of socks etc but only found winter socks more constricting to blood flow and not making any difference.

    i tried some cheap overshoes and they made all the difference, particularly if you can’t justify the cost of buying another pair of winter boots.


    Tried overshoes which are a bit of a botch off road.

    Five ten boots and the summer sealskins work well if using flatties like Jedi said. I found the thinner and shorter versions feel less like a plastic bag on your feet and manage to stay warm even when wet inside.

    Last winter I picked up a used set of Shimano MW’s with the neoprene cuff. Most definitely the way to go if you are riding clipped in – they will last for years. A bit bulky but not as bad as overshoes and toasty.

    Bite the bullet.

    Overshoes are a nightmare off road.

    Epic level’s of ductape are your friend. Just mumify the shoe, almost waterproof too.


    My Shimano winter boots are ace. One of the best purchases I’ve made in recent years.

    Premier Icon DoctorRad

    Gore-Tex oversocks will help stop the windchill to an extent, especially with something toasty like merino or Smartwool underneath. If it’s really cold, I go with these AND winter boots. Overshoes don’t really work for me off-road, and I never got on with Sealskinz.


    + 1 for the shimano gore tex winter boots. warm and comfortable!!

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