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  • bland

    Anyone use them to stop your boots filling up with water?

    I was thinking something that comes just a few inches up past the ankle as oppose to just under the knee but not sure if it would work of if you can get small gaiters that would fit the bill?


    I,m a boot and gaiter man you look crap but dry, knee length versions and no they do not fall down!

    DSCF2463[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    Premier Icon paulmart

    Dry suit wrist cuffs cut to suit your ankle size
    and a strip of velcro to secure them.
    Been using this for a while and definitely stops
    water ingress.

    Hi – I use a set of gaiters about 4″ long cut from the arms of a pair of industrial rubber gloves – in black. They are a snug fit on my ankles & go over the top of my boots. They have worked well for a few months now diverting all the water to the outside of my boots & keeping my feet dry.


    You can buy short gaiters – ankle gaiters they are normally called – they are generally not designed for stopping water getting in though, more for stopping gravel and snow getting in your boots out walking – the DIY suggestions above sound like a better bet than commercial ankle gaiters.


    yup, got a pair from TKMaxx for £4 and thet do the job very well, sit over the cuff of the boot and stop water running down my shins into the boot. Very good after its been raining there’s alot of standing water. Worth getting a set of trousers clips to keep them tight around the ankle and avoid rubbing on crank arms/catching on chain.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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