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  • winter boot time……..idea's
  • monkeychild

    Those diadoras are minging.

    It's a winter shoe for cycling in, it's not for mincing about on the streets ffs 😆

    Premier Icon Farticus

    Just bought these Gaerne boots– for some reason the price has gone up £50 in the last few weeks!

    Having had Lake MXZ300s (stitching fell apart) and Sidi Invernos (Velcro fell apart), these seem as well made as the Lakes and very warm, but only time will tell. Don't look as Frankenboot as Lakes too.


    funkynick – Member

    racing_ralph… is it really that hard to just do a search on ebay?

    when you are at work and have no access to ebay – yes. I want the link to check out tonight and so i remember.

    If they are Chili Extreme they are super narrow


    +1 for the Diadoras

    On a cold commute in the middle of winter,I don't give a toss how ugly they are .
    Been using a pair for the last few years and they have always worked for me.
    New pair just arrived yesterday (from that supplier on eBay ).


    Diadoras all sold out on the ‘bay in my neanderthal size so I’m eyeing up a pair of the Lake MX140s.

    I’m thinking as they’re a bit thinner/lighter than the others I can use ’em from now until about April with or without my winter socks.

    Problem: nobody near me stocks ’em. I’m a 46 in the Diadoras I’ve just killed, and a 47 in my roadie Sidis. Comments on Lake sizing?

    I’m in the same boat, after many years my bagin £15 shimmy 101s are falling apart. Its just galls me having to pay full price. There were no ‘winter boots’ in summer sales, that i saw, this year either. Damn their eyes.

    Mmm, I just found some Diadora Artic’s on ebay for a decent price:

    So I’m giving them a swing. Couldn’t find any reviews online, so its a complete punt. They ain’t lookers, but then I’m not fussed about that.


    i have decided to try baffin destroyer boots … good for -40 😀


    Those Nothwave Celcius boots come with a hard plastic sole. It’s lethal on wet rock so beware if that’s on your agenda.

    Regards laces, they are the same as Salomon XA’s and you can get spare lace sets for those direct from Salomon – FOC if you have XA’s that the laces have failed on……

    Premier Icon MartynS

    I’ve got the northwave Celsius which look minging, but are really warm and keep the feet nice and dry. Usually use with merino socks. But you’ll need to try them on.. I’m a size 9 in the real world, but in northwave world I’m an 11….

    anotherdeadhero – Member
    Mmm, I just found some Diadora Artic’s on ebay for a decent price:

    Well, I’ve got them and been riding them this week. My review:

    The ebay blurb says they size up small – I didn’t find this the case, they were way too big in a 44, whereas my usual 43 is just dandy.

    They are very wide fitting, your foot slops about a fair bit, and I was getting a fair amount of heel lift. I’ve had to put some of my spare orthotics in them to use up some space and keep my foot more stable.

    They flex, quite a lot. Might keep your feet moving in the cold, but they’d be better a bit stiffer TBH. The material the uppers are made of is also much softer and more flexible than my previous boots.

    The inner cuff just folds into place, and the neoprene outer cuff wraps around it. The neoprene dosn’t quite wrap tight in front of your shin – I can see water running down that hole in v wet conditions, otherwise they shed spray v well. I might chop the neoprene a bit to get a better wrap.

    They are however, very warm, much better than my old 101’s. I think they’ll be more waterproof too, its just a shame the outer cuff isn’t the best design. Velcro closures seem v robust.

    Toe studs – at long last! Spd fitment has plenty of adjustment range – you can run these as arch fitment if you wanted.


    I have the celcius and the sidi’s

    celcius are great but have a funny last so they seem smaller than they are as they cut in on the big toe and are warm

    the sidi’s are better for around use but are a lot more expensive (thank goodness for the CRC flood sale)

    both are as long as a specialised 48 in the footbed

    my feet are bigger than yours (the 661’s a got from you don’t fit) so your size possible from most shops

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