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  • theboatman

    A while ago someone started a thread asking who was building what over winter.  Clearly since the forum has been improved I can’t find the thread, but I was interested to see how folk had got on.

    I think I had just about the most boring project going, but at least it’s done, and ready to take service as day out with kids/ pub bike when it stops hailing here!! Yes, it’s a triple 26’er with a 120mm stem and xt v-brakes for a touch of class.  What’s not to like,,,,,,frame and fork cost me £20 and same for the wheels,all purchased from here.  Had to buy a 1 1/8th threaded headset, but the rest is from the spares box.

    How’s everyone else got on?


    Mine went well.

    Little hickup with blown damping in the shock but the rest as smooth.

    Wife enjoying the fruits of my labour and relearning how to ride a bike when you don’t have a 73 degree headangle and 80mm forks.

    Pivot Mach 5.7 and 150mm revs with my old wheels/dropper/brakes.

    27lbs on the nose and rides well


    Very nice, and certainly more exciting than mine! After taking the Trek for a ride round my local trails I’m wondering how I survived all those years riding bikes with steep head angles, rubbish brake’s and being shaken so much your vision goes. Still put a massive grin on my face though!


    Not sure that posting from Google photos will work…

    Premier Icon andy4d

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    Not sure if pic will work….but completed my hardtail build. Took 12months, superstar wheels in jan sales last year, brandx frame in march, picked up bits and bobs when cheap over the last year, fox forks for christmas this year from the PSA on here, dropper for my birthday, took other bits of my old hardtail and put it all together a couple of weeks ago. Had 3 rides on it and got to say i am happy.

    Have the first test rides done on my 2017/18 winter project.

    Took an old 29″ Cube XC hardtail frame and used the “winter sale” to buy stuff:

    example: one of these bike-components 199 Euro 130 mm Fox 29″ boost forks (“Fox sale”)

    and a 2×10 Deore drive train (front 24 + 34 / rear 11 … 42), 25 mm inner bead width rims  and and and…, front 2.35 inch HansDampf and rear 2.2 inch Continetal mountain king. Front “boost”, rear QR…

    Used a UBERBIKE headset to fit the tapered fork into the old 44mm straight steerer tube.

    Test rides: haha. Put a big smile on my face. Biggest surprise: the frame was designed for a 100 mm fork – but the bike handles so well with the Fox 130 mm fork! FANTASTIC.

    Love the 2×10 Deore as well. Picked the “uphill” setup with 24 / 42 = 0.57 ratio. The bike is a real mountain goat.

    The 2.35 Hans Dampf was in sale as well. Old “TrailStar” compound. But crazy heavy downhill version (well above 1 kg). Was hell to get this monster tire onto the front rim.

    But cornering is really a blast now.

    Biggest surprise to me: the old 100 mm XC works great with 130 mm fork and transformed the bike to an fun trail hardtail. Not really sure why it works so well. Maybe: the frame is a bit too large for me. If I buy new bikes I pick frames from 18″ to 20″. The above one is 21″ (but picked a really short stem).

    Winter project is finished so. Couple mud rides were really fun!

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Currently still at the early CAD stage. New Alps-friendly 29er for me, a 29plus for a friend and maybe a gravel Lauf fork thing for someone else (getting a few rough designs done so I can buy a big batch of tubing in one go).

    Need to make a couple of curved seat tubes. I’ve got some tooling and a plywood former but want to try it packed with ice rather than sand to stop them kinking / rippling. Should be an interesting experiment……

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