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  • clubber

    My experiences with them haven't been great – buy and pay for stuff then get a call saying it's out of stock though to be fair they did give me a discount on something else.

    As a one off, I'd say that was actually fairly good service but severeal people I know seem to have had similar experiences…


    They are ok'ish. Nice and cheap which is the main point for me. They are just a bit slow and often don't have stock. They will take the money from your account straight away regardless of stock.


    My experiences have been mixed, but generally I try to avoid them. Ordered a Saris Bones rack which was listed as in stock. Immediately got a mail saying it was on back order, I needed it urgently so cancelled the order and bought elsewhere. 2 months later the rack arrived on my doorstep and my account was debited. Rang them to sort it and was passed from pillar to post with promises of returned calls that didn't happen. Ended up selling it to a friend at cost but it has put me off using them if I can help it.

    Flip side..

    Last week ordered a charge saddle as they were the cheapest about… it arrived the next day


    thanks for the replies, i will look elsewhere.

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    3 months to get me some basic Hope Mono Mini brakes
    Bear in mind how good Hope usually are I couldnt understand the delay esp as they where in stock everywhere else
    Turned out they had been sat in their warehouse for 2 months but basic confusion over an IS and post mount and they didnt think to open the box and check
    Wouldnt use them again


    Used them about 3 years ago to buy my son a bike for xmas. 2 days later got a call from the credit card company to ask what transactions I had made. Turned out that a couple of hours after I paid for the bike, 3 further transactions were made on my card to online retailers in America. Maybe just coincidence and I will probably never find out!!

    As for the bike, I ordered a 16'' and they sent a 14". I never noticed until it was to late. Me personally, wouldnt use them again but thats more to do with the credit card issue as mistakes do happen with orders and I should have checked the size.

    Never had an issue with them. Usually quite quick. Order Mule bars, 50% off 5 – 7 days – on order item turned up in 2.5.

    Also cheap,

    Same about the website, not the best


    Used them 3 times so far, always been very quick with delivery.

    One error which meant I received a slightly different spec rear wheel than ordered.

    But there wasn't enough in it to warrant the hassles of sending it back and at no additional cost I wasn't complaining…


    Anyone bought mail order from Winstanleys? Not been too impressed lately with my usual supplier so thought i might try another


    used them 3 times as well all fine although some things took a little while to source I think but its just the tracking which isn't too good 🙂


    Good prices and the majority of the time I've got good service. Took about a month to deliver me an in stock crankset once though.


    I once went for a job interview with them, I got a very bad feeling from the place that they were not nice people to work for. I didn't accept their offer of employment.


    Ordered a bmx from them and didn't hear anything from them for about a week, called them and was told, 'yeh it's in the warehouse, we'll get it out to you'. Seem a bit on the slow side, wouldn't use again.

    Try high on bikes, fantastic service from them recently.


    sounds like a big thumbs down then.
    it ok ordered from Wiggle, ordered at 0850, packaged and ready for shipping 1050, impressive stuff!

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