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  • Ambrose

    I’m writing a piece of work for Year 8 pupils in the school I work in. The basic idea is that they need to know about ‘light and sound’ and that ‘electrical devices’ are useful to us. School IT resources are massively blacklisted, so very few ‘interesting’ websites get through.

    Windows media player is OK though. So I thought that the pupils could play some music whilst displaying it on the screen. With the appropriate visualisation they could then discover the link between the music and the response by the visualisation.

    As an example- The visualisation ‘Bars’ in the ‘Bars and Waves’ set shows a moving histogram. Low frequencies seem to be to the left, higher ones to the right. Height of bar is dependant upon amplitude (volume) of each particular frequency.

    My problem is that (away from ‘Bars and Waves’) I’m not at all sure about the other visualisations’ responses and it would be a shame to limit things to just a single example.

    Can anyone enlighten me any further?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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