Windows 7 – Default user issues

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  • Windows 7 – Default user issues
  • Tom83

    Set the pc up through the telly yesterday, and adjusted the size of the icons as everything was a bit too small from the sofa. Hit apply and had a pop up saying i needed to log off to complete the changes, so off i logged.

    I’ve only got the one user on the pc, that we all use, so was a little surprised that instead of loading to the desktop right away, i got a message saying something like setting up your user profile or similar. Took about 30 seconds, and logged onto the desktop. Pop up appeared saying something about loaded default user, and everything I had on there previously was gone.

    I’ve googled it, and there are a few suggested fixes, have tried them all without success. Luckily everything was backed up to my external hdd, looks like I’ll have to format. Bugger.

    Anyone else experience this? I blame Bill Gates personally…


    Do you have the option to log off/switch user? (On you shut down menu)
    If so just pick the other profile, your data isn’t lost you’ve just managed to sign on as another user, which I do have to admit is a tad bizarre but reloading windows is overkill to fix it. At worst you just need to browse to the ‘old’ profile & copy across any required data

    Premier Icon Cougar

    If you format it, there’ll be even less on it.

    In seriousness, have you tried switching it off and back on again?


    That’s the weird bit, theres only one user option when I log off, which is my main one, I select it and log onto that, but it loads the default. I’ve copied all the data I had from the user profiles in control panel so havent lost too much. (there’s also one called temp on control panel, but no option for it on the log on screen)

    I’ve tried restarting etc. At work now so will look at the link later. thanks all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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