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  • Will the TDF 2014 (UK) have the hi speed carnival in front of it?
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    By chance we camped within a mile of a stage in France a few years ago. My son was too young to stand on a roadside for a couple of hours so my wife had to miss it as well. The FIL and I went and I was impressed by the whole thing

    Obviously I am late to the party, but have just realised we could all go to a uk stage this year. It would mean a lot of driving (10ish hour round trip?). Although I think they would enjoy seeing the cyclists go past I remember it being over in a flash!

    I also remember what’s best described as a high speed carnival about 30mins before the pelaton arrived. Lots of wacky cars/vans/small trucks with people lobbing sweets, flags, hats etc driving at about 25mph. At the time I thought “never in England H&S would go mad!”

    Does anyone know if this sort of thing happens on the UK stages. Obviously it’s all about sponsorship and brand awareness and I guess some of the sponsors are not fussed about us Brits, but in my case it may make the difference between going or not going as I want the family to enjoy it

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    From the Le Tour Yorkshire website:

    “Don’t miss the build-up to the race with the caravan, 2 and a half hours before, where the weird and wacky vehicles throw out goodies to the crowd”.

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    I’m only going for the dancing girls and free Haribo. On the proper Le Tour site it even tells you what time to expect the caravan.

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