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  • Will shops take trade ins?
  • Hi

    I’m down grading my bike to a hard tail – The current one is a full sus BMW enduro. Its value is 2100 new. I’ve had it 4 months. Will any shops take it as a trade in plus cash for its current value?


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    in my experience, generally no

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    Leisure Lakes sell second hand..

    You might be better putting it on here or Ebay tho..

    If its a good spec, then you might get more if you split it??


    Split it on Ebay.


    well to start with totally forget getting anywhere near the £2100 it was ‘valued’ at.

    As a BMW branded product, it might be better to try to sell it on fleabay compete – as a BM-er owner might find it a novelty…
    Splitting usually maximises the return, but not many ppl wwill search for a BMW bike frame..

    Can anyone remember who produces these for BMW (et all), as it would be better to label the frame sale with both BM and them.

    at the end of the day you going to loose quite a bit of money, so unless you can live with that or the bike doesn’t suit you, I’d suggest just keeping it…..


    Porshe had some bikes as well. (wheels are carbon but weight more than mid range normal wheels)

    I don`t think many shops would buy it as a part ex, You could try some BMW dealers, if its a mint condition than they might want to buy it for display.

    But I would go eBay and list it in bikes and cars.

    My neighbor had a BMW full susser to match his 540 BM and his BM enduro paris dakar something 🙂 People with money to burn can buy it, he probably would… as long as the colour matches his new M6.

    And as it was mentioned value when selling is one thing but how much someone will pay for it is the other.

    You can also try Cash Converters/Generator kind of places BUT it would be better to just keep it than give it away for £750-1000 or even less 🙂

    thansk for the views.
    I will try what you’ve mentioned.

    Not worried about too much loss just dont really want to pay another £1000 on a hard tail.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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