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  • will advice (married + kids now)
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    I made a will a few years ago and left everything to my brother. Since then i’ve married and now have two children, so i want to change the will.

    My kids are only 2.5yrs and 8 weeks, so do i just leave everything to my wife? Or do i name my children in it as well?

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    Easy – use http://www.willaid.org.uk/ and book a slot.

    Leave everything to your wife, unless she’s dead / dies at the same time & leave everything to your nippers 50:50

    But also think about the question I wasn’t ready for which was – who benefits if all four of you die at the same time 🙁

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    As above, wife then kids and consider scenario where you are all gone (eg car accident/plane crash). You should think about a guardian for the kids and what happens to the money in that case. You will need an executor in the different scenarios. You and your wife should both make a will. IMO its worth paying a solicitor and also registering the will with the probate office

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    i’ll ring the solicitor i made it with then and make a proper appointment to discuss all this. Hadnt thought about the whole family wiped out scenario!

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    Depends if you like your wife or not, doesn’t it?

    Look into trusts to minimise your inhertiance tax, unless all you are leaving is a bike, some lego starwars and an unopened collection of McDonald happy meal toys.

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    We got a will shortly after my son was born, but mostly so that my mother-n-law has no say over what happens to my son should the worst happen! We got some really good advice from the solicitor and he wrote it in such a way that it still applies if we have more children and will apply until one of us (wife or I) pop our clogs!

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    As above, go to a solicitor and get proper advice. Be prepared to be asked questions re what happens if you split up and remarry etc as well. Did ours so that it should be fine regardless of number of kids etc

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    Chuck in power of attorney as well (e.g. you are incapable through illness of managing your affairs).

    Guardian as well – this may only be as guidance (can be contested) but as expression of wish it can help.

    Don’t worry about doing this 0- I had a will when I was 21-22 (uncle was solicitor and did it for me).

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