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  • Will a transmission cassette play well with regular eagle?
  • ayjaydoubleyou
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    Seems we’ve reached the point where the new transmission parts are equal or sometimes cheaper than the 2old” eagle 12 speed.

    So if I used a transmission cassette with a regular eagle chain, chainring, mech and jockey wheels would it all work?

    I may need to adjust the limit screws as its further out or inboard to make it better with certain chainlines? Also anyone know what chainline my old saint cranks have?

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    I don’t think the cassette would clear the UDH.

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    I was going to say that apparently the cassette is in a slightly different position on T-type.

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    Few folks on here using transmission on regular eagle cassettes, not sure on the other way round

    The company selling new bits will ALWAYS tell you you need new bits – they dont say it wont work, just not tested/designed

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    I tried a standard 12sp eagle chain on a t type cassette. Briefly, just to see.

    It seemed to work but it didn’t seem entirely happy.

    This was with a t type mech.

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    Hopkinson Cycles they usually have the SRAM cassettes in at good prices.

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