Will a stove fan work on a radiator?

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  • Will a stove fan work on a radiator?
  • qwerty

    I can’t see why not.

    We have an open plan kitchen / diner area with a vaulted ceiling which leads up to the landing, the only radiator in that area is a powerful one at the bottom of the stairs. Obviously most of the heat rises to the landing, I was wondering if a stove fan would help push the heat out into the kitchen / diner area opposite the radiator.

    A ceiling fan at the top of the stairs is not wanted or practicable.
    Our plan B could be a plinth rad under the kitchen units at the far end of the kitchen.


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    Stove fans need a higher temperature than you can get from a radiator. You can probably buy a clip on convector if you want

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    How hot does it get?
    The stove fans I’ve seen (and I’m also making one) use a peltier device to generate the electricity for the fan. The hotter the surface they rest on, the more power you get (that’s a massive simplification).
    My stove gets to about 160 deg c which is pretty hot, but typical for a stove. I don’t think (I hope) a radiator will get anywhere near that.
    So no, I don’t think it will work. If it does, it will run much slower.


    I dont think so, heres why
    1: the fans aren’t that powerfully what they do is help setup a powerfully convection current, you have a vaulted ceiling so the heat will rise there

    2: the fans work from 65°C – 345°C and at the lover end aren’t that powerfull

    I think plan B would be best

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