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  • Will a fidlock bottle work with a pump mounted underneath?
  • rockhopper70
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    As per title really, I have a fidlock twist bottle and thought about getting a one-up pump with tool to streamline things. I think I have specific bolts for the fidlock (not sure why) but I suspect the twist to release may could any pump to the side?

    Anyone had success with this combo?

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    Yep, it works – my set up is fairly tight with a fidlock bottle on top of a one up pump mount, on top of a 76 projects piggy bag mount.

    There’s enough room for it to rotate to release. I’ll get a pic in a bit.

    Edit: mine is the small 590 bottle so bigger bottles might be more of an issue.

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    Right, pics. As above a bigger bottle with a larger bottom below the fidlock mechanism probably wouldn’t work, it’s tight with the 590 but there’s enough room to get it to release. The bottle does touch the pump when twisting it. My pump mount is directly below the fidlock mount so you can ignore the 76 projects piggy that it’s all mounted to.

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    Same as above
    590 bottle, One-up pump and 76 project mount for a spare tube

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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