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    Unfortunatley a high density of deer, and particularly Muntjac, is to the woodland understory what the squirrels are to the canopy – a major problem. They will basically carpet bomb a woodland floor and nothing will grow or get away except for grasses, sedges, plants that spread by runners and certain other things they’re not so keen on. The woods will become very thin and sparse and there will be a massive reduction in biodiversity. So my advice would be keep shooting squirrels and also apply for a firearms license so that you can manage the deer too. They might look cute but removing deer from the woods would be single best thing that could be done for the overall health of the ecosystem.

    Not sure i’d get a firearms licence for a deer rifle in my back garden – it’s 1.5 acres in total, but doesn’t really have a good enough back stop for anything better than an air rifle (maybe a FAC air rifle). Guess i’ll keep shooting mr nutkins then!

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    @Ewan, that’s excellent information tailor made for my situation, thanks! I love that hand baler!  Really fancy making one of those.

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    No worries – let me know how you get on and if you come up with any further cunning plans. Sounds like you have the same situation as me!

    Make the bailer out of stronger materials than you think are needed (at least 4x2s) – the big lever arm makes a lot of force.

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    blokeuptheroad – Yes – horses aren’t supposed to eat ragwort (we used to dig it up by hand using whatever tools did the job best). We also dug up dock.
    There is so much help out there now: woodland trust, Shropshire wildlife trust, Parklife, RSPB (not just all about birds anymore). There will be a local group who could probably help you. Ewan’s advice is spot on.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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