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  • Wild (Van) Camping Near Coed-y-Brenin?
  • Premier Icon martinhutch

    I’ve discreetly stopped in a couple of spots near there – parked up on the now defunct minor road which runs parallel to the main A-road – the one you meet at the bottom of the trails which runs up to the back of the visitor centre.

    Also in the car park/layby further up the hill in the Hermon area.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Plenty of spots round there. I suspect you’d be fine at the trail centre but I think I’d rather head to a quiet side road. We’ve done a couple of wild nights round there. Never had any issues.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Car park just over the river in Dolgellau.
    Handy for the public toilets and the pub.


    Is there anywhere worth a look? Heading over Friday for a night solo and was toying with the idea of wild camping somewhere. If you get in late and go to the top of the car park is that ok? I know it says you can’t but I’ve seen people there before (albeit a few years back now!). Anywhere near the coast maybe near Dolgellau???


    Go down the valley from the trail centre till you see the now closed (or was closed) pub on the right – just before that is a road on the left, go down here, over the bridge and there is a car park on the left, always parked there for a night

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    I found a tiny little layby up the little road from the holiday park chalets place; I was booked onto the campsite nearby but it was full of irritating people so I had a shower then departed. I had a lovely night looking out over the hills. I think it was the road that goes over to Bala.

    Cheers all. In hindsight I think I might just book into Cae Gwyn Farm. Be easier with the bike with me too as I can shove it in their lockup instead of having it in the van and having to pop the roof and sleep up there etc.

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