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  • Poggy

    Wiggle being my first choice for bike kit & needs this past 10 years, but have seen big changes in service this year ‘not for the better’, so looking for your thoughts…

    Who do you use & why?


    I used to hate using Wiggle, this is the first year I’ve really started using them again and found the service to be great!

    General hit list goes Merlin > CRC > Wiggle these days.


    I’ve had excellent service from Wiggle this year and combined with their discount structure, price match and topcashback they have been the cheapest on everything I have bought. Their exchange and returns system is excellent as well.

    Have also used CRC and Merlin and both have been great.

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    I find ProBikeKit pretty good, but seem to have dropped their MTB stuff?


    I’ve been using wiggle for the past few years and not had a problem.

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    They same to take turns to be the best or the worst. I ordered a bunch of stuff from CRC on Thursday at 1pm expecting it to arrive late next week, and it arrived Friday at 11am – using the free delivery option.

    Happy days.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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