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  • Wiggle delivery dilemma
  • Premier Icon ta11pau1

    Imagine my delight when I open my wiggle delivery, to find, amongst my order of bike parts, the obligatory packet of haribo (I mean, it’s what we all actually look forward to the most right?).

    Only there’s a problem.

    😲 My packet of haribo is a congealed single lump.

    Thanks 35 degree heat, you have sucessfully reduced haribo to thier liquid form only for them to set again overnight…

    What would STW do?

    On the bright side, I now have a single haribo gobstopper that I can chew on for a good 20 minutes…

    Premier Icon joebristol

    Stick it in the fridge and when it’s gone hard eat it in one lump!

    Open, eat with a teaspoon

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Had similar with a bag of jelly babies left on the dash in the car. Once they cooled off a bit you could just tear off a lump and nom it down. The pear drops weren’t so easy to deal with – they needed targeted violence to become edible again.

    Premier Icon fadda

    * toddles off to put haribo in the sun… *

    Premier Icon mashr

    This reminds me of leaving my pick n mix in a car in Portugal aged around 10 – was not disappointed with the outcome

    Premier Icon doomanic

    I pulled a bag of Magic Stars out of the car today; one big lump of chocolate.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    I do remember going camping as a teenager and leaving a bar of dairy milk in the tent all day on a hot day, and all night. I go to open it and find the gold or silver foil they came in was now inside the chocolate as it had partially melted and then re-solidified during the cold night.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Ha, you’re lucky. My last two wiggle deliveries have been devoid of haribo.

    Premier Icon swanny853

    Ah, a hariblob. Great with a little pack, better with a full size one!

    If you can persuade Maltesers to fuse into a bar that’s possibly even better, but the temperature range for the best results seems to be a bit narrower.


    DESERVED IT YOU DO for supporting those pesky ****

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    This reminds me of an ex girlfriend

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