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  • Wiggle – anyone elses parcels going missing?
  • Hi,

    I wonder if it’s just bad luck but my previous order from Wiggle went missing and they had to refund me and now my current order seems to have gone missing too.

    Has this happend to anyone else?

    I know post is delayed at the moment but none of my other post has actually disappeared in action.

    Maybe it’s a Mike Ashley thing and time to stop buying from Wiggle.


    Premier Icon Kuco

    Nope, mine turned up to today and so have all my others.

    There might well be couriers and posties taking liberties in these manic times, leaving parcels in full view of the road on the doorstep without someone opening the door after they knock, conveniently left for anyone to help themselves to.

    Plus some depots are absolutely snowed under, Tracked parcels aren’t being scanned as normal as “ready to deliver” just in case they don’t leave the depot that day, or the postie runs out of time (overtime is largely not being authorized).

    Premier Icon RicB

    You don’t live in Bradford by any chance?! Everything we’ve sold on ebay and sent to a BD postcode seems to be going missing


    This happened to me a few years ago, after a number of parcels went missing I happened to mention it to a friend who lived locally, he was having the same issue. We raised this with chain reaction who looked into it, it turns out a local post office worker was stealing parcels with the chain reaction logo on them and selling stuff on. He was caught and convicted thankfully.

    It might be worth raising this with wiggle to be sure you aren’t suffering the same issue.


    Yep, I’ve lost two orders in the last few weeks from chain reaction/wiggle. Hermes arrived with an empty box!! Took a good few days to get a response but they did reply eventually.


    Just had one delivered by Hermes 10mins ago, arrived 48hrs after I ordered.

    What has Mike Ashley got to do with wiggle?


    Last 5 hermes parcels over about the last 5 weeks:

    1. Arrived real quick.
    2. “Lost” at depot, refund 2 weeks later.
    3. Arrived bit later than usual.
    4. Returned item held at depot as too large, must pay extra tenner – even though hermes delivered in the first place.
    5. Item to be delivered held at depot, too large. Turned up few days later. Measured 20x24x86 which is allowed according to their bizzare way of measuring volume (H+W)*2+L must be <250.

    Sigma Sports are always first choice now, they use parcel 48. No idea if their customer support is as bad as wiggle, never needed it.


    had one turn up on time, one turn up the next day and the other way within 4 days as I didn’t pay for postage. DPD from merlin or leisure lakes have been on time.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Ordered yesterday arrived today


    Still waiting for some clothing bits from two months back. Been giving them a bit of benefit with current situation, and I have 6 months to claim though Paypal apparently.

    Premier Icon Kuco

    Out of all the years I’ve been using Wiggle I’ve only ever had one issue. An email stating a frame had been dispatched and never turned up. When I enquired a few days after the email it turned out one of the decals was damaged and they were waiting for some new ones to turn up and the email was sent by mistake.

    I have had a couple of issues with DPD over the past few months with other deliveries and DPD customer services have been brilliant at sorting them out.

    Premier Icon white101

    Must admit all of my deliveries, bike bits or otherwise (beer) recently have been spot on. From a variety of couriers and odd delivery vehicles everything has been intact and on time.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    What has Mike Ashley got to do with wiggle?



    I’m in NZ and I ordered from Probikekit at the end March. The order has never arrived (even now). After 5 weeks I informed them and I was offered a refund or the opportunity to reorder so I re-ordered and was told I could expect delivery by May 22nd still nothing to date.
    The Parcel service here is seriously backlogged and if the news is to be believed during our lockdown period everything that arrived from overseas was just left in a warehouse and not touched at all until late last week. So maybe I’ll get both parcels at some point? maybe neither. Even our national mail is taking much longer with the increase in on-line trading this increased volume has left all the couriers and postal service asking for people to be patient so I guess we’ll see.
    If I end up with two parcels having only paid for one I’m wondering what I should do? I’m sure all these online sales places must have insurance on the contracts they take out with delivery companies and I’d hate to see the day when there is never a free shipping option.


    Just got a Wiggle order with only 1 of 4 items inside, other three missing.

    Packing intact just looks like they might have mucked up. If anyone gets a chain catcher, road pads and fibre grip in with their order let me know 🙂

    We are really luck that out local Hermes guy is actually brilliant. He took the round on last year and since then zero issues, and scarily Hermes are my preferred delivery option.

    Before him the Hermes delivery guy would without fail throw the parcel over the fence, even if we were in and no matter the weather.

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