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  • Wifi router set up.
  • samuri

    Computer things that are difficult are a case of computers being complicated. They’re frightfully intricate and despite popular opinion, actually need rather a lot of intelligence to understand.

    Anyway, to help, we need to know what sort of internet connection you have first. Is it a phone line, fibre, what? Who sells you internet?

    Is it really a router or just an access point. Do you have any manufacturer/model number details? What are you plugging it into? your ISP router? What’s that?

    Premier Icon zippykona

    It’s virgin cable Internet and a dlink 635 box.
    I have no idea what an ISP router is.
    Imagine explaining computers to a soppy spaniel,that’s my level.


    Does the virgin router not have wireless built in? Normally I’d expect all virgin routers to provide wireless with the wireless name and password written on the bottom of the router.

    To connect the router you now have to the virgin router will unfortunately need a laptop or pc to do some of the configuration.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    It’s an old virgin box which doesn’t beam stuff. We have a router already but it’s not as powerful as our old dlink 635 which broke.
    Hence I’ve bought another one and experiencing all kinds of fun.
    My nexus says its connected to the new box but won’t then connect to the Internet. So I’m assuming the new box is not connecting with our virgin box.
    We do have a laptop but the dlink instructions are just sending us round in a big circle.
    If we can’t connect the new box it’s not the end of the world I just can’t understand why they have to make it so difficult.
    After all WTF does “the wizard is not supported on this emulator” mean to anyone that’s not seen any of the Star Wars films?

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I know zilch about computers.
    When I visit a friends house their wifi shows up on my phone they give me password and I connect.
    Have just bought a second hand router off ebay.
    So why can’t I just connect it to my Internet then let my device find it and off we go?
    The instructions are full of geeky gobbledygook that I don’t understand.
    Is it possible to set a router up without connecting to a laptop?
    The last router we bought even the man who sold it to us struggled to set it up.
    Is this just another case of sad lonely computer people getting their revenge on society?

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