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  • Premier Icon stevied

    If you do get what she asked for you WILL be in for it. Nothing to a woman usually means ‘A lot of nice things’ (in my experience I hasten to add)


    Are you gonna get it delivered to her place of work for extra effect?

    Think back to the last time she bought something, you asked about it and she replied ‘Oh, that? It’s nothing’

    tinsy – That would be pushing it given how late I have left it


    Nothing is clearly what she wants so in order to make her happy you should do as she asks…what could possibly go wrong?

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    You’re already in trouble for having to ask.

    New ironing board or a set of pots n pans should keep her happy.

    Premier Icon binners

    Its a clever female hidden answer, which means the opposite of the words stated.

    In the same way nothing strikes fear into a mans heart like the words ‘I’m fine’, when you’ve just asked if she’s ok, as she looks a bit miffed?

    Anyway…. get her an iron, or a pressure cooker

    Last time I had to ask she said “Buy me something expensive that I don’t really need”

    Apparently a course of chemotherapy wasn’t what she had in mind

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    What ever you do, get the best Nothing that money can buy as anything less says that, frankly, you just don’t care enough.

    Good luck chap.


    Local health spa around? get her a voucher for a pamper day/massage.

    added bonus is that you get a free day to ride your bike while she is there.


    Surprise her with a two night break in the Lake District, that way if you get it wrong you can at least go riding.


    I have a rule in my home, anyone who says “nothing” or “don’t know” in response to this question either gets bike bits or something for a PS3.


    WCA, you never know… old dad here 47 with a 3 year old… it happens.

    Nothing could mean, nothing you can buy, in normal circles I would think its “baby” for sure.


    give her your car.
    you know, that ladies one you bought.
    then you can buy yourself a proper man’s car like waswas’s brother’s.

    Think quickly-unless you really want to re-acquaint yourself with A&E
    It’s natures perverse way of testing us males to see if we are fit for purpose.

    Premier Icon senor j

    “nothing” = LOADS.& flowers.
    ha. πŸ˜€


    weekend in Centreparcs

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    weekend in Centreparcs

    πŸ˜† PMSL!


    weekend in Centreparcs

    are we talking the mumsnet version? πŸ˜†

    b r

    Cook something good tonight, along with a quality bottle of plonk.

    And perfume is usually a no-lose option.


    You need to think back very carefully over the last month (or two) there will be clues;

    Internet left on repeatedly at a particular shoe site? Comment about her favourite perfume nearly running out? A remark about a nice dress she’s seen whilst shopping with so and so – this one’s really cunning because by dropping the name of the accomplice, she knows that you know someone who knows exactly which dress it was. Looking in a mirror for ages and then asking if you can see any wrinkles?

    If all else fails, pearl necklace!


    Can you remember the very first thing you bought her?

    Buy it again.

    G’teed to hit the spot.


    She wants “nothing” – which means she’s already bought everything she wants. It’s now up to you to now buy her something she didn’t know she wanted…. like a new drill πŸ˜‰


    And perfume is usually a no-lose option.

    Really?? Brave in my books.


    Can’t believe no one has suggested a pearl necklace………..

    Get her a dildo then if she no like she can %%%%%%%%%%% herself.


    Nothing means shes annoyed with you and really feels like you don’t make an effort with birthdays etc.

    Go overkill, act bored then hit her with a great present. Seriously.

    I know the thinking, MrsHora is like this..

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    sort it out, WCA or she’ll grease the stepladder again

    (actually, why not give her life insurance – yours !?)

    Premier Icon unknown

    See, I have the opposite problem. It’s my birthday soon and seeing as I don’t really consider being born as a particularly big achievement I would be entirely happy to ignore the whole sorry spectacle. The current mrs unknown does not understand this and insists that she can’t get me “nothing” and we simply have to go out to dinner with family to celebrate. Then I get in trouble for not giving her any good ideas of what to get me or where to go! I’ve tried to explain, over the course of many years, that the present I really want is for no mention to be made of the birthday, but it doesn’t compute.

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Mobile access tower.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Is it an anagram?

    Thong In?

    Pants, she wants uncomfortable pants.


    OP you’re over-thinking this

    She said nothing leave it at that


    Joolsburger +1, them things spice up your life no end.

    No woman has enough of Swarovski bits, you can’t go wrong with that. But if thats too common then pearl necklace.

    … and she said “Nothing”

    Do I risk it?

    What did she mean by “Nothing”, where can I get it and what does it cost?

    Apparently it is not a handbag, mobile phone or steam mop and I am not allowed any more questions


    Get her nothing.

    Then she’ll realise she has to tell you what she wants, she’ll apologise, accept she is getting nothing for her birthday this year and you’ll both move on quite happily. There will be no come backs or retribution and next year her answer won’t be ‘nothing’.

    I have called my OH’s bluff on this. I always say to her to drop some hints, or let me know what she wants, as I hate buying things she’ll likely not need/want only to find them discarded a month later.

    Last year, I asked her repeatedly what she wanted, and got back “nothing” in return, every time. So, I did just that, got her nothing.

    It didn’t go down well, there were some tears, despite me reminding her how many times I’d asked her. She told her friends, they gave me grief when they saw me, even my friends winced and inhaled sharply when I told them.

    So to summarise. Buy her something. Even if she doesn’t like it, you can at least claim you made the effort.

    Premier Icon beaker

    Some sort of nice mountain bike component/accessory that you’ve had your eye on would do? When she says she doesn’t want it, you can then have it?

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