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  • Wife with cold fingers (Reynauds??) suitable gloves?
  • Premier Icon priceyboy
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    Looking to get Mrs Priceyboy some gloves for Christmas, she occasionally gets white fingers when we are out walking.
    Any recommendations or thoughts welcome 🙂

    Premier Icon IHN
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    Mittens are warmer than gloves.

    Sheepskin mittens?

    Premier Icon SaxonRider
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    If she is active and needs any movement between fingers, then the Planet X lobster glove things are very good. Mrs SR suffers from Reynauds, so I bought her a pair for riding her bike and she loves them.

    They may do the job for Mrs Priceyboy too.

    Premier Icon dufresneorama
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    My missus suffers the same. Mittens seem to work much better for her.

    Montane prism mitts, buffalo mitts and some extremities inferno mitts all work well.

    Key is to catch it before fingers gets cold, ie put gloves/mitts on from the offset. Handwarmer pouches are also a necessity.

    Premier Icon slowpuncheur
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    I suffer from this. Gloves with a thick wrist band or even separate sweatbands can help. They prevent the blood passing your wrists from cooling too much.

    Premier Icon verses
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    MrsV seems very pleased with these, obvs not enough for general outdoors on their own, but could work well with a “proper” glove over them;

    Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

    Premier Icon si77
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    Heat Holders, the 2.3 tog variety.

    Seriously warm.

    Premier Icon slowoldman
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    Mrs Slow likes olde world Dachstein mitts.

    Premier Icon redmex
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    I suffer from it, all fingers except thumbs anytime of the year. Im sure it was just a trapped nerve that caused it similar to vibration finger as it only used to affect 3 fingers. Gloves don’t help me at all, drive with the heater blasting away and you see the colour returning. Keep moving tends to prevent it. Am i the only male that get it on here?

    Premier Icon jag61
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    Redmex your not on your own mate all8 full fingers went yesterday had just driven to see grandkids not even outside I find mittens good and have space for hand warmer too found Pertex type a bit sweaty also if hands get wet or damp it comes on quicker a sink of hot water helps but can be a bit painful and hard to find or carry me mrs and 3 girls all have it 😢😢

    Premier Icon bentandbroken
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    I have the the Planet X lobster gloves mentioned above and they really help (middle three fingers on right hand go white when cold). However, they are sized ‘too small’ IMHO.

    I bought the Large and struggle to get them on. If I stop mid cold ride and take them off I can’t get them back on 🙁

    Every other glove I have that fits well is a Large, but I would buy XL or above (if possible) if I bought another pair

    Premier Icon drewd
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    Also male and suffer with it. I’m not too bad if I can keep moving, but once my hands get cold they stay cold. Whatever you get make sure that they’re not too tight as this can make the problem worse. Slightly larger gloves or mittens with thin liners underneath may help.

    Premier Icon JAG
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    I am also male and have suffered with this all of my adult life – I’m 52 now!

    I have lot’s of different gloves to help remedy the situation. My go-to solution for the coldest weather is Silk gloves under Lobster claw gloves from Sealskinz. I can’t wear this combination if the temperature is over 3 Celsius! I have other gloves for warmer conditions and I always try to buy a size that allows the Silk gloves to be worn under them, just in case!

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    Loads of Li-ion heated gloves out there, pretty much guaranteed to stop you getting cold fingers…

    Premier Icon Rik
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    Loads of Li-ion heated gloves out there, pretty much guaranteed to stop you getting cold fingers…

    But just like the shoe footbeds they are designed for skiing and not getting shit up and filthy in 4 hours pouring down Peak District mtb rides unfortunately.

    They all seem designed for ‘dry cold’not UK wet through cold

    Premier Icon dantsw13
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    get some ski gloves with the pouch on the back for a hand warmer – the re-usable ones that you boil to recharge.

    Premier Icon wrightyson
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    Watching with interest as I was genuinely going to ask the same question as I’d seen some heated gloves advertised on face ache yesterday.
    Mrs ws suffers very badly and it’s now causing other problems with her fingers swelling, on the hand she holds the dog lead with as its exposed more often. Been on medication for it but has now had a bollocking from the docs for not taking it regularly which has caused these further problems apparently.

    Premier Icon idiotdogbrain
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    Other half swears by her new Ariat Insulated Tek Grip:

    So much so that I’m about to get some as it seems I now suffer from Reynauds.

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    Thin merino glove liners and larger gloves and/or mittens will help hugely. I have the same. White hands and stinging fingers. Takes over 30 minutes to equilibrium. The merino liners have been a game changer when it gets really cold. Same for toes. Thin socks with another pair and bigger sized boots.

    Premier Icon kenneththecurtain
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    Am i the only male that get it on here?

    Nope, to add to those who have already chimed in! It’s a lot less common in men though, I think I know one other guy with Reynaud’s.

    On the glove front, pretty much anything that fits and is suitably thin to allow sufficient dexterity for the task at hand is what I roll with.

    In classic STW ‘answer a slightly different question to the one asked’ style though, my advice would be to get her hooked up with some calcium channel blockers or similar to get those blood vessels opened up. Makes a massive difference, I’m basically useless in winter when I’m not on them. I still get the odd claw-hand moment if I’m not careful but I can reliably work with my hands outdoors now, which I couldn’t do in winter if not on the drugs.

    Premier Icon greenskin
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    @priceyboy, try a pair of these MOD wristlets then any of the gloves that those in the know have suggested. When I was in Norway on the worst days I would place a handwarmer pad inside each one, kept my hands toasty warm and functioning.

    Premier Icon bonzodog
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    Ive suffered with Raynauds pretty much all my life (56 yo bloke) and I could talk for hours about how bad it was for me in my youth doing some of the jobs Ive had.

    Fast forward to about four years ago when a guy on a motorcycle forum offered me some advice which changed my life.

    I went to see my GP and asked for some Nifedepine.

    Been taking it ever since. In fact I’m off to work (outdoor) in half an hour and so Ive just taken one.

    In truth, it doesn’t make your hands warmer, it just seems to keep the circulation going so you can use them (and suffer less later in the warm shower). BTW, It’s not a cure. If I don’t take one tomorrow morning – I’ll suffer with my hands.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    As mentioned above, keeping the wrists warm is important. Dachstein woollen mitts work almost without fail when winter climbing where pricey technical gloves don’t. A thin merino liner also works. Combine the two and I reckon it’ll be toasty all day.

    Premier Icon Stoner
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    I used to suffer from Reynauds as a teenager, but since grown out of it.
    My wife’s hands go completely white at this time of the year. She approves of the PX crab claw mitts.

    Although I no longer suffer from Reynauds, ol’ Stumpy (q.v.) get’s very cold due to the plumbing not being connected around the end of the stump, so the last cm or so has no central heating to speak of. I use PX Crab Claw mitts too, as the proximity of another insulated finger acts as a heat source for my cold stump. (I have XL and they are just big enough for me. I would say that the size guide is out by one column – i.e. the XL knuckle width is >= 115mm, not 120mm–waterproof-crab-hand-winter-gloves )

    Other very comfy mitts to consider are the German Army ones on eBay/Amazon. Very good value for money and what we use when skiing.

    Premier Icon MrSparkle
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    Another sufferer here. Mine can go white and ‘dead’ very quickly even on a summers day. it’s bloody horrible. It seems to be worse if I get them sweaty or wet and then cooled. I did the Joss Naylor Challenge (48 mile run across Lakes) in June and at the end of it my right hand was completely dead and had been for hours. I’m still suffering from nerve damage -tingling in finger tips – 6 months later.

    Premier Icon BillMC
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    Premier Icon colp
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    Another sufferer here.
    These sort me out all day snowboarding in -10

    Premier Icon edward2000
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    According to superstition giving gloves is a parting gift.

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