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  • Wife in ICU on life support…
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    Evening all,

    I’m truly sorry for the terrible and upsetting news. I have seen this forum be a source of support to many others over the years and that’s what drew me to post this.

    On Monday, my darling wife Nicky had a stroke at home. She has since suffered others. The doctors say there’s nothing left for them to do and she’s been on life support since Friday. They said it’s not lifestyle or stress related, the particular type is likely due to an arterial weakness that existed already. It’s a totally different type to any of the cases reported related to the vaccine.

    So, rather than being sad I am thankful for the 14 amazing years we had together as this could have happened at any time. We made so many incredible memories, travelled the world and had the most brilliant last few months, ending with a trip to London last week. It was beautiful and you couldn’t have scripted it any better.

    If you have any contacts to share this link with, please do, I want to tell her the amount before she slips away. They are likely turning off the life support on Monday.

    She completed the 10km run last week and absolutely adored the dogs home. I was so proud of her as she trained so hard to complete it, running around the school. She adored the dogs home and seeing it flourish would mean the world to her.

    Please give whatever you can, however small, and share this link widely.

    Nicky and Beth’s 10km for Almost Home

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    A bit dusty in here.

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    Jeepers – thats tough. Nothing I can say really. Stay strong and have a virtual covid friendly hug

    Premier Icon Tom-B
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    God this is horrible to read 😔

    Fairly sure I remember your login/name from when I was racing 10 years ago. Seem to remember you being fairly rapid and a lovely bloke (I think that I bought something from you) anyway, nothing at all to say other than to offer my thoughts and best wishes.

    Premier Icon blokeuptheroad
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    That’s a very tough read, I am struggling for the words to write. Please look after yourself and hang in there. Reach out to the good people on here if you need to.

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    No words I’m afraid.

    Done a little for the charity she loved.

    Thoughts are with you and yours Gee.

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    Bloody hell. I’m so sorry. Hugs.

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    Oooft, I don’t know how you’re still typing this.

    Virtual hugs to you and all the families involved.

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    Premier Icon kelvin
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    Thinking of you and yours. Chipped a little bit in.

    Premier Icon mogrim
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    Shit, really sorry to hear this 🙁

    Also donated. Thinking of you and yours ❤

    Edit: and as a fellow runner I know how good it feels to acheive those markers: 5K, 10K, etc. They’re not just lines in the sand, they’re a measure of effort and dedication, and if she did it for a good cause…

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    Man, that’s dreadful news. Best wishes to all who love her.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Don’t know what to say, best of luck to you all. (and donated- pretty amazing of you to still be doing something positive)

    Premier Icon weeksy
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    I don’t often open these sort of threads, but my thoughts are with you on what must be a terribly tough time. Hugs.

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    All the best to you all.



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    My heart goes out to you, but I’m full of admiration for your attitude. I’ve often hoped that if the time came I’d have the same positive thoughts.
    But I wouldn’t really, I’d just be a mess.
    Stay strong (and have a little cry)

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    Can’t imagine what you’re both going through, but sounds like you’re doing a great job
    Much love

    Premier Icon Dickyboy
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    Jeez, what an awful thing to have to face, you’ll both be in my thoughts today. Donated.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk
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    cant imagine what youre going through, so sad and youre both so brave.


    Premier Icon spekkie
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    What a terrible situation to find yourself in. Strength to you Gee.

    The only consolation is that, as you said, you both made the most of life.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    Gee – you did the right thing coming on here. We are all here for you in the next few days, months and years.
    So, so sad to read.
    Massive hugs. bunnyhop x

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    So sad to hear this. My thoughts are with you. Donated.

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    So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you through through all of this.

    Premier Icon surfer
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    So sorry to hear this. Best wishes. Donation made

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    Jesus, that’s horrendous. So sorry.

    Premier Icon IHN
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    Holy crap, that’s awful. Donated, and what Bunnyhop said

    Premier Icon Rona
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    I’m so, so sorry to hear this. I’m wishing you what you need to get through.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    No words – truly sorry to hear this.
    Donation made.

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    Wow, that’s an incredible show of strength you’re exhibiting. So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and your friends and family.

    Premier Icon dovebiker
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    Donated – no words can describe how difficult this must be

    Premier Icon Yak
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    Sorry to hear. Thoughts with you Gee.
    Donation made.

    Premier Icon MrsToast
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    Christ, sorry to hear that. Donated.

    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey
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    Sorry to hear that, thoughts with you pal.

    Premier Icon aP
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    Gee – I’ve been following this over the weekend, and can’t express how sorry I am.
    I’ve donated already – and Nicky’s fundraiser is doing amazingly!
    I just wish I’d called by to Battersea the other week.

    Premier Icon wwaswas
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    What a dreadful situation – thoughts are with you and all of her friends and family.

    Premier Icon anagallis_arvensis
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    No words, I’m so sorry

    Premier Icon shaggy
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    So sorry to hear that George. All our thoughts are with you. Hopefully see you in a field sometime soon.

    Premier Icon gee
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    Update Monday 26 April evening – today, we had expected her life support to be switched off and I had prepared myself for that. I spoke to the doctors and nurses last night about the process, organ donation and soforth.


    The doctors reduced her sedation this morning and were extremely surprised that she appeared somewhat able to open and close her eyes on command. It is very erratic but there appears to be something there. She has also come off forced ventilation and is now on CPAP, which was described to be as assisted breathing with her initiating the breathing. This is good news, of sorts, this early and means she is not end of life care at the moment.

    So, they are investigating whether she has “locked in syndrome” which affects 1% of people with the type of rear brain stroke that she has. The syndrome is a spectrum of consciousness with some people having greater awareness than others. The doctors need to take some weeks to figure out what level of consciousness she has and what, if any, quality of life she would have. That determines decisions about life support.

    I am going in to see her tomorrow morning to see if I can elicit a response. They think it being morning and me would be most likely to elicit something. I am then not permitted (Covid) to see her again unless she returns to end of life care.

    The prognosis remains extremely bleak – 90% of people with this syndrome die within 4 months, usually of a chest infection. She may also suffer further strokes, or other complications. The chance of her regaining anything other than the ability to open and close her eyes with greater consistency is essentially zero.

    Please, please do not see this as “good news” – tragically, the outcome is still most likely to be the same, but perhaps we will be able to ask her some questions before that happens.

    Do keep thinking of her. I have told her the amount donated so far and I just know the idea of seeing the impact of her fundraising with her own eyes is probably a big part of what is driving her to keep going.

    She is one hell of a strong fighter, that’s for sure.

    Premier Icon mefty
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    I have had the great good fortune of meeting your wife, one of the world’s life enhancers who enriched many girls’s lives, including my daughter. We couldn’t be sorrier.

    Premier Icon bigdaddy
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    I’m so sorry – Gee I remember you, and racing against you a long while back. My thoughts are with you during this toughest of times. Please do update is all here when you can.

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