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  • Wife in hospital on her birthday / baby arrival – stuck for gift ideas.
  • organic355

    Scratching my head here.

    Baby due on the 18th Dec ish, wifes b’day on the 21st. So she will either be in hospital or recovering at home (with the best present ever that I gave her 🙂 )

    But really stuck for gift ideas this year. We aren’t doing xmas for each other due to the massive baby spend, but still would like to treat her on her birthday.

    So suggestions??

    Was thinking Spa treatment to be used at later date? but its not something she can use straight away.

    She is worried about getting her fitness back after the birth and was doing weight watchers before, but didnt want to be so cheeky as to get her a subscription to weight watchers or a block of personal trainer sessions / exercise dvds (but if you know of any good post pregnancy ones pleas suggest them). You cant do much excercise for the 1st couple of months anyway.

    Cant really treat her with nice wine as she plans to breast feed, we cant go for a nice meal due to the new arrival.

    Bit stuck here.

    Premier Icon igm

    Given she won’t have been drinking (or at least very little) and hasn’t been able to have pâtés and non-pasteurised cheeses for a while, how about a seriously nice bottle of wine and some decent French pâté and cheese.
    Shellfish too.

    My wife was dreaming of that sort of food and drink at the end of her pregnancy.

    Of course it isn’t everyone’s thing.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    a new bike?


    The most treasures thing I bought my missus after our wee one was born, was an eternity ring. You get them at all price points and I hadn’t realised how much it meant to her till she thought she had lost it recently. She was inconsolable. Needs to be something she can keep really

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Congrats on the mini organic.

    My wife just wanted clothes that didn’t make her look like a whale after little sandwicheater popped out. She was still conscious of her tum after he was born and would have hated a spa thing but each to there own.

    Think mikewsmith has your answer.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Cant really treat her with nice wine as she plans to breast feed

    Only time we got any sleep for the first 3 months was when my wife drank some wine. Calmed her and the baby down 🙂

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Not sure of specific ideas, but I’d recommend you get something that isn’t baby related.

    My missus’ birthday was a month before her due date (back in September). I bought her a really nice framed print, from Rob Ryan, that she loved.

    Any pictures / art she has dropped hints about?



    I had a friend give birth on her birthday too. My then girfriend and I did what igm suggested and we turned up at the maternity hospital with a big box of cheese (all the good stuff that you can’t have when pregnant) and bottle of Port. We got some strange looks from the grandparents but a look of utter joy and delight from her.

    Premier Icon igm

    Darn internet lost my edit.

    Local breast feeding group reckon you can drink (as I recall), just don’t get drunk.
    I can check we know them well.

    The two best things a women can have (other than the obvious) to assist with breast feeding is 1) a husband who is both supportive and will not make formula and 2) moo formula in the house.

    At 2am when junior has just woken up again and your wife is dead on her feet you will be tempted to make a bottle to give her some well deserved rest – and once you give formula once the virgin gut is gone (google it – basically it’s the idea the a few years of evolution have lead to breast milk being the right stuff for babies. The milk even varies depending on ambient temperature to give the right level of hydration. Clever stuff evolution. ). If there’s no formula in the house you won’t do it.

    And remember that there are significant health benefits for the mother as we as the child.

    Meantime you will feel like a spare part / second fiddle for 3 to 6 months.


    Some credit for the bedside telly/phone thing so she doesn’t miss out on Trisha?

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    If she is breast feeding then the weight should come off at a fair old rate, it has done for my better half and all her friends that breast fed.

    She will be able to drink even when breast feeding, just not excessively, as igm has suggested, some of her favourite foods that she has not has for the last 9 months, a nice bottle of red or some bubbly. Do a bunch of home cooking for her. If she gets held in the hospital at all the food is no where as good as home cooked goodness.

    Also M&S dine in 2 for £10 is a really good way of getting a nice meal that doesn’t take much prep leaving you more time to spend with your wife and newborn.

    Premier Icon Jake25

    As I understand it a good rule of thumb is that if you are under the drink/drive limit you are ok to breast feed but it is best to check with the experts.

    As for a present try these web sites. It is one of the last things I thought about but my wife found a good underwear a massive boon.Bravado & Hot Milk

    Also one of these is invaluable Pillow, other brands are available.

    If you have a game console consider a Netflix or LoveFilm subscription, they both have 28 day free trials. Very handy and useful way to pass time.

    +1 for the M&S deals, they are very handy. 🙂

    Edit – spelling 😳

    Wifey loved an iPad. Got her through those long nights etc.

    She also gorged on all the stuff you’ve to avoid whilst pregnant. Mostly chocolate mousse.


    How about a great big (homemade) Monopoly style Chance card saying something like ‘Free luxury weekend away, can be redeemed at any time’

    That way she gets something you made yourself, you don’t have the expenditure straight away and when things are a bit more settled down you can ask family to have the little one for a night or two and get yourselves a well-earned break.


    organic355 – Member
    Scratching my head here.

    I think you’ve done enough damage already….

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