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  • Premier Icon jamiemcf
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    since i’ve been 16 i’ve always thought i’ve been a size 10 shoe. i have wide (and pretty cramped feet).

    I’ve been through a fair few trail running shoes, all in a 10 / 10.5 and they have always given me grief the latest are some Salomon Speedcross. Well i’ve decided to order and try some Altras. After repeatedly measuring my feet it turns out that i’m actually an 8.5 (i ordered a 9).

    I’m assuming i’ve always had smaller feet but had to go longer for to get the width that is less constrictive.

    I’ve had a good look and seen a fair few brands but does anyone have any widefoot / roomy toe box shoes they recommend for running, biking and general use?

    My Impact pros also feel quite tight now, my working from home has increased over the past 3 years.

    Premier Icon oceanskipper
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    Try Lake…

    They do a wide fitting in some styles.

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Inov8 trail shoes are ace. Specialized on the bike.

    Premier Icon jamiemcf
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    I’ve tried and sold 2 pairs of inov8s. I like my old specialized sport SPD’s

    With another baby imminent, I think the lakes may have to wait

    Thanks though.

    Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Brooks trainers pretty wide

    Premier Icon alwillis
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    Altras for running, a set of Lakes for MTB and another for road. I didn’t get the top end ones (nobody likes shoes that much) but even mid range lakes go to extra wide I think and it’s made a massive difference to my riding.

    For normal day to day I mostly wear Nike SBs, in a size or two up for the width. Keep thinking I need to get something more sensible for the shape of my feet. Work shoes as well are all a bit too pointy for my liking (at least not as foot shaped as the Altras) so further recommendations for those would be welcome from the very wide footed community.

    Those saying Inov8, Brooks, Specialised etc- yes they are wider than average, but not in the same league as the altras and lakes in my experience.

    Premier Icon jamiemcf
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    Maybe I’ll need to look at the lakes again and scroll past the top end shoes.

    What about wide flat pedal shoes?

    I used to use the original vaude Moab shoe but found them too soft and switched to the 5:10 impact pro

    Premier Icon igm
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    Shimano do wide fittings in some models.
    My Northwave Artic Celsius are ancient but wide enough for me – don’t know about the current ones.

    The 5:10 Impact is significantly narrower than the Freerider I think – again old Impact vs more recent Freerider though.

    Innov8 are great if you get their wife fitting (just beware different models are different fittings)

    Premier Icon oceanskipper
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    I bought some Lake MXZ 200s. Awesome shoe/boot.

    Premier Icon alanl
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    Sid Mega Dominator were the only bike shoes I’ve found comfortable. I bought some wide fit Lakes a couple of years ago, they were not as wide as the Sidis.
    Birkenstock are really wide.
    For work, I’ve just bought some army Magnum wide fit boots. They are wide, and just about the only boots that I’ve been comfortable in in the last 10 years. No steel toecap, but they look like they have, so no one has ever asked me if they are steelies.
    I’m a fan of Vibram Fivefingers, they fit like a glove, so are really comfortable.
    Trainers, I recently bought a pair of Higher State trail shoes, not expecting much for £30, but they are excellent, a nice wide fit.

    Premier Icon deadlydarcy
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    Altras here too for my mangled feet. They’ve been a revelation in painless running for me. Back when I needed them, Lake were the widest fitting road shoes I had.

    Btw, Salomon Speedcross are a nightmare for anyone with a wide foot. There will be other brands with a more forgiving width than Salomon.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
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    Vivo barefoot shoes are wide. Give your toes plenty of room to spread out in. They do running shoes, but not sure the thin sole will be good for everyone’s running style. Only brand of shoe I wear now although I don’t run at all if I can help it.

    Premier Icon jamiemcf
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    The speedcross are going on my wife’s running clubs Facebook page. They’re following my past attempts at inov8s. I had the speedcross 3 which wasn’t too bad, they died so I got the 4 in the wide model and found them the same width as the standard 3.

    My next question would be work boots. Railway work so I need steelies and a steel shank in the sole. The company has a pretty high allowance and I can pay more if need be.

    I’ve been looking into other brands for a while but always had more pressing purchases. Let’s see if I can correct 26 years of squashed toes.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Lake bike shoes, or Bont if you want something a bit different.

    Brooks wide fit running are vast, really wide.

    No idea on work boots.

    Premier Icon i_like_food
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    I also have very wide feet and have discovered Altra for running and Vibrobarefoot for work, transformed my running and general day to day comfort.

    Premier Icon coffeesamurai
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    I have wide feet and use New balance.
    They have some trail running shoes, that are amazing, for wide feet.
    The model is something V6.. Great shoes.
    Love New Balance.

    Premier Icon csb
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    Came on to also say New Balance. Comfy for fat feet.

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    Shoe stretchers any good to you ?.

    Premier Icon sprootlet
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    Try keen for wide fitting casual shoes, can’t help in boot department.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    I have wide feet. My current shoes are:

    SPD – Shimano ME7 (the latter model with yellow flash). Just wide enough.

    Flats – Shimano. Plenty room, very comfy.

    Running – Topo Athletic. I tried some Altra on but they felt too wide as to be unsupported. Topo are a wide but snug toe box and slender ankle too.

    Walking boots – Raichle. Old now and they were bought out by Mammut so don’t know how they compare.

    I struggled with Salomon Speed Ross, Scarpa boots, Giro bike shoes, Bont were too racey, never tried Lake but they look quite racey.

    For casual, look at Fly. I have a pair of boots which are comfy but not in the slightest waterproof.

    Premier Icon devash
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    Some of the Shimano Downhill / Enduro flat-style SPDs size up quite wide (2E width). The rest of their range is rather narrow though, including the models marketed as “wide fit”.

    Premier Icon csb
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    Kswiss for tennis shoes if that helps.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    Some of the Shimano Downhill / Enduro flat-style SPDs size up quite wide

    Agree with this for the flat shoes as well. Think I have the SH-AM700s for flat shoes, and an old pair of AM41 SPD shoes. The AM41s are very roomy, but they don’t feel as “connected” or efficient for pedalling.

    Premier Icon jambourgie
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    Vivobarefoot owners – do they stretch when the wear in? Not taking about width, more length. Just bought a pair of Primus Trail. Not worn them out yet, considering returning them for a larger size. My big toe goes right to the end, prob half a mm space, but worried they’ll compress the toe when out running and cause pain. Specifically when the toe is bent, lifting off if you know what I mean. Had some Vibram FivFingerrs that did this and never got any better.

    Premier Icon hugo
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    I’ve also got very wide feet.

    New Balance do wide options. Their Fresh Foam Roav are super comfy due to their knitted upper and soft cushioned sole.

    I use them for general use but I’d also be happy to run/gym in the. Not secure or grippy eniugh for trail but NB might do other versions with a trail sole.

    To be honest, you’ve probably nailed it with the Altras!

    Premier Icon isoo
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    I also have wide feet. Mine just fit into Lakes and Vivobarefoot, which are the only brands I’m currently using (seems to be a consensus forming here!).

    My next question would be work boots.

    I used to have the Finnish army combat boots for winter use, and they were really good size wise. They are made by Jalas, and they seem to have a lot work boots too, might be worth a try if you can find them somewhere.

    EDIT: Some here might prefer a link to their English pages….

    Premier Icon duckman
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    I have wide feet. Hoka torrents for trail running and saucony guide iso for road. Shimano wide dita for spd and their flat shoes for everything else.

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