Wide shoes for the Hobbit-footed.

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  • Wide shoes for the Hobbit-footed.
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    I am struggling a bit to find bike shoes that will fit my oddly shaped feet.

    I am only a size 41/42 but my feet are extra wide, this makes it really difficult to find an SPD compatible disco slipper that fits well.

    Is anyone making wide fit or custom shoes? Can anyone in the same boat make a recommendation?


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    Giro hv fitting work for me

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    Shimano do a wide fit as do various other brands (Bont, Sidi, etc). But really it’s a case of trying different ones and as I’ve found even different models by the same brand.

    For me, Scott, Shimano, Bont, Specialized shoes


    I’m in a sort-of similar position. My toes are wide, but my heel is really narrow. So I end up a size bigger than I would normally wear but I can’t get the heel properly secure.

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    I think the scott comp range of shoes are wider and nice to boot


    The only wide fit I found comfortable enough was the Sidi Mega width, all the other wide fit shoes I tried came up far too narrow.

    A combination of he Sidi Mega width fitment the supple shoe construction did the job in the end.

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    Thanks for the input guys, just ordered a few pairs from Wiggle, Whatever doesn’t work can go back.


    Northwave are wide across the toe box

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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