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    I have recently changed my 680mm bars on my hardtail to Mary bars which are roughly the same width but clearly have a totally different angle that you hold the grip at. Wasn’t sold at first but now I have ridden with them for 10 days or so I really like them. I find them so much more comfortable as there is no strain on my thumbs or wrist.

    Rode the full susser today for the first time since putting the Mary bars on the other bike and I can really feel the strain in my thumbs. It has a 745mm wide, slight back sweep handle bar. I really like the width but as you might have now guessed I feel like the angle of the grip is too straight.

    I’m looking for a bar that is shaped more like the Mary bar but wider. Doesn’t have to be quite as angled backwards but something in that region, also I’m not bothered if its a bit shorter than the 745mm but probably nothing shorter than 710-720mm. I have had a quick look around at touring bars but not found anything wider, in fact they all seem considerably more narrow. Also hoping for a 31.8mm clamp.

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Maybe something like the Fleegle, but wider.

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    Carnegie’s bar, Ragley’s award winning “alt” bar. Spec is a 25? backsweep with 685mm tip-to-tip, which as the bars are angled makes them feel like a true trail-worthy 700mm bar. That’s 27.5in.

    riser version also available


    ragley carnegie?


    Is the imminent carbon Mary any wider?

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    Salsa bend 2 or Promoto 17 degree. Both only 710 though I think.
    I’d like some promoto carbon 17 degrees at 780 width.

    iirc the new answer swept bars are the widest currently avalible…. might be wrong though. Carnagies were spot on for me.

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    jones loop bars?

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    That’s excellent people thank you for the suggestions.
    Currently deciding between the Ragley Carnegie Riser and the 23 degree Bend 2.

    “They” say that the 680mm Ragley actually feels like 700mm WTF? The Salsa is 710mm. If the “feel” thing is true then I doubt that the extra 5mm either side is worth the extra £20!

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