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    Jesus wept – a 3k bike and you’ve had all these problems? I’d seriously be looking at the ‘goods fit for purpose’ angle as it looks pretty shocking to me.

    As to the bloke with the 5 dropping the chain – I stuck an E13 chain device on mine and its not dropped a chain since and is now also silent. Sounds like a bag of spanners with 3×10!


    The whole bike was sent back for frame replacement, so the bearings were changed by ATB… I’ve only had it back a month if that. I think I’ll get the shop to send off for the bearings, I know the guys there and if they don’t do a proper job I can give em grief!!

    As for fit for purpose, I’m doing a jumps and drops course and my first mini DH race on it soon, so if it cracks again, I shall definately be questioning their claims!! I’ve only had it 10 months, 7 months of them in a rideable state…. I’m only a wimpy girl, not like I am chucking it off rocks (yet) etc so they can’t say I am riding it in a way it isn’t designed for 😀

    Eeeeeee, fun and games, I never knew it’d be so expensive having a bike! 🙄


    Flange, what E13 chainguide have you fitted on your five, just picked up mine with 3×10 and after fitting one? Cheers

    i could buy a 500 quid specialized with none of these problems, 3k on a bag of sh!te, what a terrible industry


    Funny you mention Specialized….

    Have you seen the 2013 version of the 146 frame has a brace across the front triangle that looks remarkably like the brace/shock mount on the Spesh Enduro…

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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