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  • Why would I want my roof cleaning?!
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    Neighbours out the back are currently having their roof jet washed. Had a chap at the door and a man is asking me whether, as they have the kit around the corner, I want my roof jet washed and treated (with something, can’t remember what he said, hydro or hyper something…) to keep the moss at bay. I told him I’m not really bothered about having a clean roof.

    Anyone else ever heard of having a roof cleaned??? (Clay roof tiles around here if that makes any difference?)

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    Surely its just to make it look better, saying that if you jet washed your roof wouldn’t it damage the waterproofing felt underneath?


    I don’t know if you want to go jetwashing all those rare sub-arctic mosses and lichens. Get it declared an SSSI.


    As long as they jetwash from the ridge to the eaves there is no problem.
    Do it the other way, especially on older slate roofs, you can end up with a rain storm in your atic and soggy ceilings 🙂
    As mentioned above it’s 90% cosmetic but the sealer will stop the tile absorbing water thus prolonging it’s already long life!


    My tiles only seem to last 50 years at most, so I get them jet washed this time of year every year.


    I recently did the garage roof and porch roof, as these sit between mine and my neighbours house and it gets covered in moss – as in about 4″-6″ deep of the stuff.

    A little bit of moss wouldn’t be much of a problem, but if there’s a lot it holds dampness which gradually soaks into the tiles, which can damage them, especially in freezing weather.
    It also stops good run off from your roof and clogs your gutters and drains with debris…

    I still wouldn’t pay for someone else to do it – I’d do it myself ;o)


    I get folk at the door selling cleaning and treating all the time. Aesthetics really is the only reason to get it down, despite the cr@p the sales guys come out with

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    Don’t be daft a nice protective layer of moss will help insulate the roof. It is the most unnecessary home maintenance out there, but if you like clean tiles and spending money why not…


    despite the cr@p the sales guys come out with

    Had one call last year to tell me they noticed my roof was full of moss and the gutters are blocked up, I listened to him for 20 mins spouting junk about how I MUST get this sorted out ‘cos it will cause long term damage blah, blah,
    I asked all the right questions and took his leaflets before walking him back up the drive where we could get a nice clear view of my nice shiney 2 month old roof with all new guttering and downspouts……



    this is uncanny just answered the door this morning at 9am after some tool had been ringing the bell frantically to be faced with some ruddy faced biffa,telling me i needed the moss cleaned from my roof!!!
    Jeez i thought there was a fire!


    It’s an excuse to get up on the roof and, errrr, oh dear, kinda break some tiles/ slates ultimately requiring you to get someone else to retile/ slate your roof after they’ve buggered it up for you and taken £10-15k off you.


    @Smarty Cracking! I love it!


    It’s so that you look respectable in arial photographs and satellite imagery etc..

    I had this conversation with my Nan..
    Nan – what if Mrs Brown at no 47 is a member of the secret service..?
    Me – what makes you think that Nan..?
    Nan – why are you answering a question with a question..?
    Me – sorry.. it just seemed a wierd thing to be concerned about..
    Nan – well stop being so bleeding shifty.. I’m your Nan

    I should add at this point she gave me a sharp clip around the ear and her eye shape changed from narrow and suspicious to steely and defiant..

    Nan – well.. if she is a spy.. I won’t let her get the better of me..
    Me – what are you talking about Nan..!?

    Sharp clip around the ear

    Nan – I’ve arranged to have our roof cleaned so that she can’t look down her nose at us when she’s analysing data from satellite photography while she’s at her fancy job with Mi6
    Me – Aw that’s a brilliant idea Nan.. you’re so clever.. can I have five quid for a mars bar now please..?
    (mutter under breath – mad old witch)

    you can tell which people starch their underwear in my street by the cleanliness of the roofs..


    we had those calls, but as i explained to the guy on phone it will a, always grow back if the conditions are right and b, i am not moving my entire house to another hotter country just to have a clean roof, anyway the birds crap all over it


    My tiles only seem to last 50 years at most,

    Are you immortal?

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