why would anyone do this to a car ?

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  • why would anyone do this to a car ?
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    If he did all the mods himself, then it’s very impressive even if not my cup to tea.

    Before, the thoughts, the result

    Awaits the comments

    looks really nice. Is the paint work complete? – looks a bit mismatched.


    Thoughts…..are you still taking the drugs they gave you for your foot?

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    I too drive a modified car too with an equally embarrassing base car.

    Not sure I’d agree that a Z3 is equally as embarrassing a base car as a 206CC.

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    I’ll go with this one as it’s local to me, a snip at £7500.


    Going in for paint tomorrow

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    *this* is rad;


    Before, the thoughts, the result

    Awaits the comments
    Front looks to high, wheels are too small and rears need to be wider to fill the arches, personally not feeling it. 🙁

    Front too high – Possible look it in the photo but not really as it scrapes speed humps

    Wheels too small – Agree to a point. 15″ wires from an old Aston Martin replaced the 16″ BMW originals so yes they are smaller but more in keeping with the period. I am thinking of sticking a slightly higher profile tyre to fill the arches a bit. Remember though that the craze for huge wheels filling the arches completely is relatively modern.

    Rears need to be wider – Agree. I am thinking of spacing the wheel out a bit and fitting fatter tyres at the rear. The 2.8 engine spins and sides the wheels quite happily at the moment

    Here is an original so you can see that the rear wheels were inside the arches but the wheels do fill the arches better than mine but for £4,500,000 it should

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    I saw a Saab 9-3 saloon today with a big ole adjustable spoiler on the boot and faux cooling intakes on the bonnet.


    WCA – wheels would look bigger in all silver. But I would try and find some bigger wheels. For some reason those black ones make me think Mx5 conversion I’m afraid!

    Higher profile tyres would help fill the arches.

    Get some hub centric spacers for the rear.

    Look into some chrome or polished stainless trim for the window seals etc. I am sure you can get some you bend to shape.

    Is the what is the wheelbase of the original Masarati and the z3? Old cars often did have pretty big wheels but were much smaller.

    sorry, hope I am being constructive. I think I could earn money producing gripe lists when I really get going. I think a few little tweaks could make a huge difference though.


    Please post some more pics WCA when it has been painted

    Whole build thread if you are interest starting from my first thoughts about the project: http://www.madabout-kitcars.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4253

    i would personally consider getting the rims chromed / silver too. Having said that I do like them as they are too. I maybe also try and get a chromed effect on the window rubber.Should imagine you could get some kind of chrome stick on finisher maybe. Again looks good as it is. Although that’s personal opinion. Also chromed / sliver spoked rims maybe a nightmare to keep clean, as brake dust may build up quickly – maybe. I saw an e type the other day and loved all the chrome on it. Think chrome really makes cars look period.

    Having said all that I also really like it as it is 🙂

    may also sound naff, but a few stick on chrome effect badges, or detailing such as fake studs on the side would add to the period effect,if not overdone – although it may detract from the original version. Should image you can get things somewhere. It may also only look good as icing on the cake , if other chrome work is done.

    I think if I was keeping it as it is,( which is what i’d prolly do) I would just add a chrome effect add on window rubber finish and a couple of studs or something. A very thin outer rim of chrome finish ( if you can get it )around the lights may also add to the effect and be easy to do if it bends. Then you have a splattering of chrome all over, – the outer rims, the head cages, the wing mirrors, the windows, the mirrors. This in effect can be seen on the original – little bits of chrome detailing ,badge, studs, front light fixings, etc etc

    with regard to chrome bits – nothing big, just small to catch the eye. Maybe on the door seal low down, just in front of the rear wheel.


    That op 206cc is rad.

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    I quite like the 206 except for the wheels.

    You’d have thought he’d have redone the seat upholstery too.

    That photo doesn’t really show it well as it is from a few months back but there is a small chrome strip running around the inside of the grille at the very front and another over the top of the bonnet grille. The front brake vents now have silver metal tubing to direct the air and I have changed the door handles to slim silver items (below).

    There is also a chrome fuel filler and rear numberplate light and slim chrome surrounds around the rear lights. It sounds like I have been following your advice already!

    I deliberately drove it round for a few months unfinished so I could see what works and what doesn’t. Wheels in Silver is a definite option. I have two sets of wires so might get one set powder coated silver and fit bigger tyres to see the effect.

    All comments, criticism and views are welcome. I have spent a lot of time and effort getting it from a thought to where it is now. Spending a little longer on the final details won’t kill me but should improve the result.


    Build thread! I’m off for some reading! 8)

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