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  • Why, oh why, oh why……
  • mk1fan

    ….. is my Walkman not connecting to my laptop????

    USB ports on the laptop = fine tested them all with different items.
    USB cable or Walkman = fine as they connect to my other laptop – which I don't want to use for music etc as it'll no doubt fail and I need it for work.

    Laptop is making the beepy noise that indicates a USB connection. Walkman is saying 'Connected' on the screen. But it isn't. I can't find it in a explorer window either.


    Didn't think they had USB on cassette players!


    why oh why o – spells Yoyo 🙂


    Is the, errr, Walkman getting power from the laptop?

    If so the USB port may not be providing enough power or there may be issues with power loss in the cable. Try using a y-cable ( that connects 2 USB ports on the lappy to a single USB device ).


    Yes it does take power from the laptop.

    The Walkman connects fine to my work laptop using the same USB cable. It has connected to my personal laptop before without issue.


    what OS you using? I had a similar issue with Windows7 not reading an express card port which worked fine on my last laptop which was vista. had to do a quick update that i found on yahoo answers or somewhere like that…

    Premier Icon glenh

    Because you don't have the driver installed properly I expect.

    Assuming you are on windoze, go to the device manager – you probably find an 'unknown device'.


    When I bought a Sandisk mp3 player, I found I have to rename that drive letter, as the mp3 player "somehow" wanted to use "f:" (which is an external HDD)… Just a thought…

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