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  • Why is 3G coverage/speed in the UK a bit rubbish
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    hilldodger tahts not a bad deal…

    well on giffgaff (not 4g) unlimited web is £12pm
    obviously you have to suply your own phone, but my nexus 4 was 170 so if i keep it for a couple of years thats 7ppm and i can probably sell it on after

    vodafone 4g something like 35pm

    so thats an extra 200quid a year on what i was paying, id rather spend on bike bits than get slightly quicker access to stw

    I think on the back of this thread, Immagonna give a 3 rolling monthly sim only plan a go. I’d get similar to Vodafone except with unlimited data – which I might bloody use if I had 3G signal. As I said to the last Voda customer services rep on the phone when she said “You never really get near your 750mb per month limit Mr. Darcy”, “Yeah, because my phone never flipping has 3G!”


    Voda customer services rep on the phone when she said “You never really get near your 750mb per month limit Mr. Darcy”, “Yeah, because my phone never flipping has 3G!”

    I think Vodafone customer services are use to it. Called them the other day to get a PAC code and got asked why I was leaving. Told him the data was rubbish and he didn’t put up much of a fight.

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    theres no way id pay 4g prices, thats just silly

    I renewed my contract with Orange, £26/m and the guy said 4G was expensive so not to bother. Then EE phoned me and said that I could upgrade my contract to 4G (as I’d incidentally chosen a 4G phone) and it would only cost me £24/m.

    I’ve no idea how the Orange/EE handover thing is working but it’s creating some odd effects for customers.

    Biggest advantage to 4G I’ve found isn’t the speed (although it is faster and lower latency), it’s better consistency. If I’m in Cardiff or London, both strong coverage areas, it’s pretty much always good and fast. 3G and even HSDPA would cut out in certain buildings or come and go depending on where I was .

    Premier Icon brassneck

    THIS will help.

    As will the Smart metering push, once it gathers steam.

    TBH, though I don’t really have any problem with Vodafone 3G, and the 4G was fast enough to not have to measure it.


    Would everyone on three recommend it then?

    Just noticed that they are going to roll out 4G at no extra cost to customers and for £15/m sim only you get unlimited data and more calls and texts than I would ever use.


    Well the Plans are good value*, the coverage is a bit sketchy to say the least, f’rinstance I was in Harrogate all w/e and coverage up near Beckwithshaw was non existant yet over Skipton up near Bolton Abbey was full bars (no 3G, but at least I could make a call) and Bolton Abbey is in the Moors.. I get reasonable coverage in that Lonjon, but tall buildings splat most things out here..

    I’d recommend them only for thier Plans, customer service is rubbish and coverage, well see above.

    *if you think it’s good value, it probably is

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    My phone is on O2, they seem about on-par with Vodafone as far as data goes i.e. crap. If I used 3G a lot I would definitely change networks.

    I have a PAYG 3 sim in my iPad and in contrast that is excellent, good signal and really fast. Obviously not had the joys of their customer service though!


    Do any phone company have a good service? On t-mobile and have to say the coverage is good but the service hasn’t been great when I’ve had to deal with them. Tempted by Orange just for the film offer but their deals are awful.

    EE just seems pointless at the moment – here’s a much faster connection but you we’ll charge you more to use less of it.


    I’m on 3, and i get around 4 Mbps, which is fine by me :-). Unlimited data too, I get through around 5 gb a month


    I am with Voda and they suck.

    Luckily on Wifi at home and work.

    Out and about its crap.

    I’ll be switching when my contract is up.

    Premier Icon just5minutes

    Root Metrics UK is always worth a look – they’ve done very detailed coverage assessments on all the operators in quite a few cities now – based on calling, texting and data performance inside and outside buildings.

    There’s a pretty consistent pattern now though which is EE and Three trading places for best network overall – the former now has the UK’s biggest network measured by population and geographic coverage – when Three start to rollout 4G voice next July on 800 Mhz their indoor coverage will be way better than vodafone and o2’s existing 2G coverage. EE have announced the planned rollout of 300Mb broadband on 4G which should make things even more interesting in 2014.


    There’s a mobile phone network? Not at my house – the wilds – about 5 miles from Cambridge.

    Premier Icon bails

    My 3G (with three) was faster than our home broadband, but we’ve just gone to fibre optic so the broadband wins (by about 85mb!) now. But I’m still very happy with Three.


    I’ve been on Three for almost a year and have no complaints, I’ve use the speed checker app from time to time and quite often see 5+Meg. It was upto around 7-8meg in my old house. I can’t really see the need for faster than that on a mobile device. I do quite a bit of travelling with my job and haven’t had a real problem with coverage – it seems better than my mate’s T-mobile phone.

    Get a mixture of 3.5 G (H+) and 4G in Darwen on EE and full 4G at work in Preston. Nearly as quick as my virgin media broadband.

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    As above, more prop’s to 3

    phone is on 3G EE, mobile wifi device on 3 – the 3 service just kills EE for speed. When it’s time I’ll switch phone to 3 and skip the 4G rip-off charges.

    Premier Icon just5minutes

    happened sooner than I thought – EE are turning on their 300Mbps 4G service today

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