Why don’t we install ALL top caps like this??

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  • Why don’t we install ALL top caps like this??
  • hols2

    Expensive solution to to a problem that doesn’t exist.


    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    I love the idea and if all forks came with a thread as standard I would definitely buy into it….

    As they don’t, it’s just too much hassle for me personally. I always wear a pack on longer rides or just throw a multitool into a pocket for the short ones.

    Each to their own though, there is no “right” to this argument. Choice is a good thing over all.👍


    The bit i like about all this get rid of the pack that my mates have adopted with the one up tool and all that jazz is there is always a call at the start of a long ride …. Can someone with a bag take my jacket and this  food, whos got a map , whos got a first aid kit.

    Now while we may only take a comunial oh shit kit between us – clearly theres no intention of spreading the load when they show up haha

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    That’s some serious overkill.


    If only 1.5in steerer tubes had taken off instead of pointless tapered this might have been a good idea. Could have got your sandwiches in a 1.5in steerer 🙂


    Really struggling to see the hate in this. If you want to ride with a pack crack on no one is stopping you.

    If you prefer to not ride with a pack here is a solution to carrying a multi tool.

    I have the one up EDC there is a tube strapped to my bike and the pump lives there all the time. Means that all I have to grab is the water bottle and away I go. I used to take a pack and still do on longer rides where you need more food jackets etc, but as the majority of my rides are sub 2 hours there is no need.

    At the  end of the day I prefer riding without a pack bouncing around all over the place, it just feels better. Others disagree hence why they are happy with their bags, end of.


    To be honest, most trailcentres don’t require you carry much other than water and a pump, and possibly a multitool because you’re never that far away from your car or the cenrte.

    However 99% of the riding I do is not in a trailcentre, so pretty much everything I might need goes in the camelbak. I’d like to see how you carry 3l of water without a camelbak or similar.

    Anyways, I like my Camelbak and others like festooning their bikes with overpriced tools shoved into tight orifices. Its a free country.

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