Why does no one like my bike?

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  • Why does no one like my bike?
  • I have my Singular swift up for sale all over the place. About 5 different forums plus pinkbike and I reckon its had over 1000 views in the past two weeks. Apart from a few people saying ‘nice bike but I’ve got no cash’ and one guy coming to view it today ( who is making his mind up as we speak ) it has yet to sell.

    I cannot work out why. I dont think its overpriced. Surely in that many views from people who are obviously trawling the classifieds looking for a bike then more than one person would be keen. It can’t be that niche.

    Any thoughts?

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I cannot work out why. I dont think its overpriced.

    It’s overpriced.


    First thought is that your link has too many http’s in it…

    Split it and sell the parts separately. You’ll get loads more for it.

    Wheels are too big


    I’d love to buy it but I have a karate monkey that does to same job. Oh and it’s a bit pricy, try splitting it to get a better return.


    I like it, just wish I had some spare cash.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Clever plug that… 😉

    Premier Icon cp

    White rims?


    It’s overpriced.

    ^this. Paid ~£250 for a mint swift f&f end last year complete with Hope headset.

    Clever plug that…

    I wish I was that smart to have intended it but now you point it out, I should have done this at 9pm when there were more folk about! But seriously I am stumped as to why I still have this bike.


    Valve logo alignment is a bit off.

    Red bikes are faster.

    Seats too far forward.

    I’d split it. I would be interested in the brakes but I’ve got a cheap biking holiday coming up that’s turning out to be quite uncheap.

    Sorry if that’s of no help, I’m sure someone will buy it, just hang in there.


    Too big for me

    b r

    Why don’t you just buy a 100mm air fork for it?

    Premier Icon njee20

    It’s a steel, 1×10 rigid bike. Despite what folk on here want to think that’s a small target market.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Bit overpriced for the spec, and what njee said.


    Keep reducing the price till it reaches the price point someone is willing to pay for it


    Keep listing it in the classifieds everyday and see if you can break the record for most listed item (which I think was the silent clutch hub, that seemed to be on the classifieds for ever)

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    The paragraph of back story and possible future plans is unnecessary. I’m sure that you have a reason for selling your bike but in all honesty I don’t care.

    Price feels a bit high too but I am sure you are open to haggling.

    Not that many people are after rigid geared bikes are they, certainly not in that price bracket.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    If you really love the bike, why not try bars with a bit of sweep instead of straight?

    My wrists can’t take long on a straight bar, but I can go all day (24 hours in fact) on drops or Mary bars.

    Another option would be to fit a fat front – 4″ tyres at 8psi don’t transmit much impact 🙂

    Your Swift is a nice bike and you’ll regret selling it.

    Rigid singlespeed or hardtail 1×10 would make more sense. Rigid and gears feels more like the worst of both worlds.

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    Too niche or too expensive?
    The above and the fact that you give the impression that you broke your wrists riding it, may be putting people off.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Sometimes happens, keep it and relist in a few weeks and someone will buy it……probably.

    Same situation here with a rock lobster I have listed over the past week. Don’t want to repost anymore for a bit as been putting it up every other day for a week !

    Put it on ebay starting at 99p and it will find it’s value naturally.

    If it’s advertised well but not selling then the price is defo too high.


    Thats why I worry about buying high price niche stuff, if you don’t keep it long enough you won’t recoup what you think its worth (including the use you’ve had out of it).

    On the same sort of topic, I like the look of those Genesis Fortitude’s but £1k for a geared rigid bike?

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    Your Swift is a nice bike and you’ll regret selling it.

    yup, i regret selling mine, and id always consider another medium with good spec.

    as above tho, probably overpriced for the spec. nothing that makes people go mmmmmm….. i want that.

    best of luck tho, theyre great bikes.


    When you pick up some thing like this :

    For £600, yours does seem a little expensive, also due to it’s nicheness a lot of people won’t know it’s worth


    I sold mine for about the same as the OP is asking. Similar spec but with an alfine.

    Took a few goes and suddenly lots of people were interested.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Weather just on the turn, wait another couple of weeks and it’ll sell easy enough.

    If it had Mary’s or drops and a 3″ or 4″ in on the front and 3″ on the back, I’d have it.


    Bikebuoy wrote:

    If it had Mary’s or drops and a 3″ or 4″ in on the front and 3″ on the back, I’d have it.

    That’s just it. Nice bike – but to one persons ideal. The sort of person who will ride that bike will have a pretty clear idea of how they would like it set-up so it would make more sense to sell it as parts.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I was seriously looking at it but the price ultimately put me off. It’s a nice bike but not for that price.

    Premier Icon Farticus

    I was tempted, but …

    Not my niche – Rigid SS would have been better, or hardtail geared.
    Would prefer frame & forks, and then pick my own finishing kit.
    Taste – I just don’t like white stuff, especially rims.

    My experience is to keep advertising it, but lower the price a bit until you’re as low as you’re prepared to go. Keep it factual about how it’s be used etc. rather than your life story.

    Good luck!

    Thanks for the feedback folks. I have the time to leave it alone for a few weeks. FYI,I smashed my wrists on a five!

    @pik n mix, make me an offer!


    I think its partly time of year etc… i struggled to sell my P7 for ages, ended up letting it go for a massive loss, but i needed the space so it had to go.

    I put mine on ebay for the absolute min i would let it go for, got a few offers and sold it that day.

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