why do people pay so much for Sky?

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  • why do people pay so much for Sky?
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    how many hours (honestly) per month on average do you watch?
    once you’ve worked that our what does your ‘cost per hour’ work out at?

    With Virgin, if you have the broadband and telephone anyway it doesn’t add much more to get TV so it’s a negligible amount per month for TV. We find that with Tivo we watch more good stuff and less ‘filler’, and we watch when we want.

    Since getting a smart/Freeview TV, we’re looking into what we’d save by dropping the TV but we’d still want some means of recording programmes.

    £50-£60 a month in our house, GF pays for it as I flatly refused to pay for it as I didn’t want it, stupid thing is she pays ~£30 for BT line and broadband on top of it! She watches the football on it, but half the games are on BT now.

    Cost per hour the TV is on is probably low, cost per hour actualy watching something that I want to watch on SKY is probably astronomical as most of it is House and the like which we watch, but wouldn’t miss it if it want there.

    In these “modern” times i don’t think £2.50 per day is to bad. 🙄

    We’ve got a Humax Freesat PVR. Plenty of channels, a few HD ones, recording capability and it was about £200 3 years ago. There’s no subscription so that’s it for us. We have no terrestrial reception and the nearest cable service is 2 hours away so it makes it easy to choose!


    we are paying about £45 for the basic Tivo package with 40 meg broadband + land-line.
    We’re tied into a 2 year contract, but will be negotiating the price in August when we’re ‘off-contract’
    I can’t imagine I’d ever want to pay anymore – not interested in Football – most of the Cycling is on ITV and the my Tivo is recording the Dakar from somewhere…

    Might do a Netflix subscription at some point though..

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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