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  • why do people pay so much for Sky?
  • alpin

    skim reading the money saving post got me wondering…..

    paying 63/month for Sky? over 700 quid a year on “television”….

    really? and that was a reduced amount! seems like a lot of money for a bit of telly/broadband.

    is Sky worth it? (leaving the Giving-money-to-Murdoch question for another time.)

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Football, motorbike racing, documentaries, ‘descending’, we have a small child which means evenings in with TV watching The Biggest Loser and Fat- the fight of my life just so we can stop ourselves vegging on the sofa eating more 😉

    Premier Icon binners

    Depends. If you like watching premiership football, then compared to what you spend going darn ‘t boozer for the match, then its cheaper. Or thats the theory. In practice, you still go to the pub for the big games, with your mates, anyway. Thus spending twice as much

    Curse me!!! And my ill thought through decision making process 😳

    Though I’m not paying anywhere near £63 a month for a BT package with Sky Sports and uber-fast broadband


    Where I live Virgin availbility = 0.
    Broadband tops out at 1Mb if it’s running well so streaming and even shady downloads are hard to do.
    I own a high def TV so want to watch some high def content with a recorder box to store it for me, so TV schedules do not have an impact on plans.

    I don’t pay £63 or even all that close to it a month, but I do pay into the Murdoch empire and I don’t love that.

    Freeview + webternet for all sports not on terrestrial. Even if we could put a dish up on our house I wouldn’t as 10 years was enough serving as a Murdoch benefactor.

    Mister P

    Perhaps if you watch a lot of sport or movies it might be worth it. Paying for more channels of repeated tosh doesn’t appeal to me though.


    Broadband unlimited
    Phone line rental
    Hd tv “entertainment” extra on demand bollox
    38 quid all in.
    Some people pay nearly that just for phone line and broadband.
    I however don’t buy into the sports/movies/multi room and all that stuff as its not worth it for us

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Freeview on an iMac here. Don’t even own a proper telly.


    No choice where I am

    No Virgin coverage

    And the only channels I really watch are the Discovery ones, and as far as I know, it’s either Sky or Virgin for that

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    £63 a month?!

    you could buy a bike for that…


    really crap tv signal…. no virgin cable etc and we are only now going to fo bb so with some luck it will go down a bit…..


    If you have a crappy TV signal then Sky’s not your only route. Freesat for example.

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    Premier Icon somouk

    I pay £63 a month including my broadband that I need for work. The TV package is a bit over the top for what we use and I’m considering knocking it back but it keeps the Mrs quiet most evenings.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    i think we pay 57 a month.. for that we get everything we could want to watch.. films, dramas bit of sport ( more for the we could if we wanted rather than sit and watch most games)kids trash tv for the 30 mins before school..

    mrs tts will only watch recorded stuff as she refuses to watch the 6 minute ad breaks

    got the NOWtv from sky over christmas, 30 day free trail, and 9 quid for the “box” –
    worked great, 720hd tons of films for me to catch up on, lots really “new” too.
    then i didnt renew for januray and let the films stockpile again and pay for 1 month,
    or if there are a couple of movies we like in 1 month, just pay for the 1 month of 8.99, pretty cheap compared to cinema, and hey i can pause it or watch it over again and again.
    The entertainment pass is something i might look into to catchup on “boxsets” if i have a free/rainy/sick weekend too.

    Sky’s *nearly* the only option for us out here in the sticks.

    Dunno about £63/month. We get the basic package, enough to get recordotron functionality – £21.50 a month.

    Internet and phone comes from orange, another £20.

    Would have preferred to have it all from sky in a bundle, but they decided they couldn’t possibly supply us in our house, for some reason.

    I’m a bit biased in favour of sky, as I wrote the software on it (well, bits of it). Our other likely option was to get an HD freeview recorder box – we just chose to go with sky for a while.

    edit: guess we could have gone freesat too. Might well do now we have the dish set up.

    Premier Icon miketually

    We pay about £60 for line rental, calls, 30Mbps broadband, and ‘large’ TV plus Tivo from Virgin.

    A colleague pays £125 a month, but that includes lots of calls to France.

    I pay £45 for line rental, telephone, internet, sky+ HD TV with entertainment+, movies, sports.

    I basically got it all half price for a year, and I’m adamant that I will not pay the full amount after a year, so I’ll see what they can offer.

    Sky actually offered me free broadband for a year, if I switchd my line rental to them, so included in that £45 is unlimite broadband and line rental. I was paying £15 or so to BT for line rental and £15 to O2 for broadband, so essentially, I’m getting Sky TV for £15 on top of what I was paying. I don’t begrudge it, I’m a big football fan.

    I also don’t understand the sky hd 3d multi room type of people that spend £000’s per month, I’m about at my limit of expenditure on TV, as we only watch it for a couple of hours a day, and harldy at all in the summer.


    Those on benefits gotta have it as it’s a human rights thing apparently.

    Premier Icon ton

    been getting sky without paying for the last 13yrs. there are ways.


    £20 virgin BB here + freeview, and naughty streaming of any football I want to watch on t’internet

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    mudshark – Member

    Those on benefits gotta have it as it’s a human rights thing apparently
    My wife is on benefits, we don’t have Sky. Should I complain?


    My son came home from school the other day saying some of his mates laughed when he said he didn’t have sky, he’s 7…. 😕


    My father-in-law used to pay £120/month on Sky (they threw in ADSL for free…). Top sports package, top film package, etc.

    He’s just switched to Virgin – £60/month for 6 months, then back up to £120/month.

    I find it an eye watering amount of money to spend on watching adverts.

    (I can see now why they have zero ‘savings’ for a rainy day – he only earns a low postman’s salary!!!)


    Ton’s back garden…


    Premier Icon Kryton57

    @ OP

    Same reason you’d spend so much on an iphone. Its a premium product yet easy to get everything you need all in one place.

    My father-in-law used to pay £120/month on Sky (they threw in ADSL for free…). Top sports package, top film package, etc.

    Unless he’s got multi room and 3d and all the extra crap, I don’t see how he can pay £120. I have all the sports channels in HD and movies, and I’m nowhere near that.

    Premier Icon ton

    top package is £68 then £10 per room if you have a separate box per room.
    I sell sky, people have 6 or more boxes in their homes.


    The “sky protection” was £12 a month in that package too – apparently if anything breaks (boxes, remotes, etc) they get replaced.

    Multi-room = yes, with HD record boxes in each (3 rooms).

    Started the contract probably about 15 years ago, and I don’t think he was “on the ball” when it came to negotiating contract renewals each year….

    Line rental, adsl, etc. soon adds up (if you don’t negotiate)


    The BIL pays something like this he thinks nothing of it. Has bought packages over time and they’ve simply accumulated


    I subscribe to SKY and use it too incl BB and Telephone, whole package comes to £45 IIRC and I promerrily use it for Eurosport and Discovery Channels which you can’t get elsewhere. No Virgin coverage near me so only option was SKY. On the whole they ain’t that bad, it ain’t cheep I’ll give you that but I do tend to use all the service.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    I baulk at paying 30 quid a month for fibre with BT (including line rental for a phone we never use!) the wifis very good though easily covers the whole house and garden
    we can even watch BT sports stuff with that now too- not that we do would rather play it than watch it.
    Netflix 6 quid a month too

    the problem with sky is that you are paying for hundreds of other really bad channels too, when I dont manage to watch everything we record on freeview!

    6 boxes!! no wonder theres an obesity crisis!


    why do people pay so much for Sky… and then just watch BBC iplayer?

    Eurosport and Discovery Channels which you can’t get elsewhere

    you can on Youview from BT


    Ironically, my F-in-L watches YIFY films via the RaspbMC 95% of the time.

    He does watch quite a bit of sport (when he gets the time).


    £118 a month for phone line, 120meg broadband, Tivo upstairs and downstairs, full HD and all the sports and films and on demand crap etc…. 😯

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Total waste of money in my view. We where paying about £70 per month for tv in two rooms. With BBC iPlayer and other streaming services we watch what we want that way. To be honest we hardly watch any “normal tv”. Occasionally I miss a big sporting event but it’s not worth the money to get Sky just for the odd event. . I think sky is going to suffer when they lose the football as that’s a big draw for a lot of subscribers.


    Eurosport and Discovery Channels which you can’t get elsewhere

    you can on Youview from BT

    and YouView from TalkTalk

    Premier Icon amedias

    Question for those of you that have Sky/Virgin whatever…

    how many hours (honestly) per month on average do you watch?
    once you’ve worked that our what does your ‘cost per hour’ work out at?

    Genuine curious question by the way, I’m not a big telly watcher and quite happily lived for almost a year with a broken freeview box so just wondering how much use you get out of it, my parents have some Virgin package and seem to watch hours and hours of it, for them their cost per hour is probably quite reasonable, the thing I would find odd is if you paid loads but didn’t really make use of it.

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    I pay £24.50 for the basic package plus the ‘entertainment’ package.

    Freeview is crap in our house (bungalow in a dip) even with signal boosters so its the only reliable way to get a decent signal.

    <2MB download speed so internet is a no-go at the moment, esp with two teenagers in the house and the end to their life if I even think about asking them to stop whatever they are doing to get a programme downloaded on the Iplayer thingy!

    FTTC is coming this year though, so Mr Murdoch can wave bye bye to my cash as soon as the t’internet is upgraded!

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